EIP-5656 is an implementing a new opcode (operation code) called MCOPY that promises greater efficiency in how data may be moved in the EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine). Currently, the preferred method to do this involves referencing two opcodes – MSTORE and MLOAD. MCOPY eliminates the need to use multiple instructions, which is not only more convenient, but more efficient, as well. [1][5]


EIP-5656 introduces a new EVM copy code called MCOPY, providing a simplified and cost-effective method for copying memory in the EVM. EIP-5656 is designed to enhance memory copying and improve the efficiency of data structure creation. Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) is a software that sets the rules of computing the state of the network from block to block. The EVM is a core part of as it executes , processes transactions, and updates account balances.[4]

MCOPY offers benefits in memory copying performance simplifying tasks like building data structures and copying objects. It can be used for non-overlapping and overlapping memory areas, even enabling memory to be moved backward. The purpose of MCOPY is to improve the performance of memory copying and assist in a more efficient means of building data structures. The introduction of MCOPY reduces significantly compared to previous methods, making it a practical choice for developers. While developers are not mandated to use MCOPY, it provides a more efficient option benefiting end-users by reducing gas consumption.[1]

EIP-5656 is an efficiency improvement to the EVM and does not have any tradeoffs or incompatibilities as there are no current functional references to MCOPY. [1] EIP-5656 is an important upgrade that refines the Ethereum ecosystem without altering its fundamental direction. The introduction of MCOPY empower developers and enhance smart contract development. It aims to streamline memory management in the Ethereum virtual machine (EVM), leading to more efficient processing of .[2][3]


  • Alex Beregszaszi
  • Paul Dworzanski
  • Jared Wasinger
  • Casey Detrio
  • Pawel Bylica
  • Charles Cooper
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