EpicHero  is the world's first play-to-earn game, rewarding holders with 7% BNB on token transactions and a 1% NFT marketplace transaction tax. Players simply keep the EpicHero NFT in their wallet, providing the EpicHero NFT bearer with significant passive revenue over time. [1]


EpicHero is an answer to NFT holders' passive income rewards and an NFT burning mechanism. With the support from Thoreum, EpicHero brings its battle-tested tokenomics in Defi and to NFT gaming.

EpicHero is the world first reflection rewards NFT, it means the longer users hold their NFT the bigger the amount of dividend they get in , it gives holders the incentive to hold to collect the dividend and with highly limited numbers, this feature makes the NFT look more attractive in the long run because everyone desires to have it. [2]

EpicHero NFT is extremely rare, and because of the NFT merging (burning) mechanism, it will become much rarer over time. Users can choose two heroes to merge into a new one with better attributes or rarity, so the number of heroes will be decreased a lot over time.

A 10% tax is paid on each EpicHero NFT transaction conducted in the Thoreum NFT Marketplace to allow EpicHero NFT passive reflection rewards.

The remaining NFT holders receive half of these taxes in the form of BNB reflections, while the other half is used to fund game development, advertising, and marketing. [3]

Features of EpicHero

  1. The first NFT game in the world, and the only one till now, that rewards NFT holders with BNB reflection.
  2. Battles with thousands of people on BSC, potentially including thousands of NFTs competing at the same moment for actual prize money.
  3. True 3D NFTs with distinct appearances and stunning images that users are proud to own and show. Users may now watch their NFT in full 3D mode, rotate, zoom in, and view in a magnificent 360-degree panorama for the first time.

Epichero Token

EpicHero ($EPICHERO) is the token that powers the EpicHero NFT game. Users can use $EPICHERO in-game or just hold it to earn Thoreum reflection rewards.

Winning battles, fulfilling quests, or simply playing games will earn users $EPICHERO. While $EPICHERO tokens are regularly produced as game rewards, they are also consumed through a variety of in-game events such as summoning a new hero, growing a hero to the next level, merging two existing heroes to form a new one, and many more. These burns aid in restoring supply balance. [4]

$EPICHERO is also required for expenses when challenging dungeons and upgrading the equipment. Users can also use $EPICHERO to hire other player's heroes to form a team together, etc. $EPICHERO can be obtained by mining, by participating in daily works. $EPICHERO can also be traded through the DEX platform. [5]


  • NFT Farming
  • Game Incentives.
  • Gameplay utility
  • Governing

$EPICHERO Transfer Tax

All $EPICHERO transactions on PancakeSwap are subject to a 5% purchase tax and a 15% sell tax. The first half of these taxes is returned to $EPICHERO token and NFT holders in the form of $THOREUM and $BNB reflections, while the second half is used for game development, advertising, and marketing expenses.


Initial Burn: 50%

Angel investors rounds: 5%. Distribution: 1 month full locked, then 0.4% weekly.

Advisors: 2.5%. Distribution: 2 months full locked, then 0.5% weekly

Team : 5%. Distribution: 2 months full locked, then 1% weekly

Foundation: 10% Marketing, Audit, Exchanges, etc. + 2.5% partnership

Game Incentives (farming, PvP, PvE, prizes) : 17.5%

Airdrop: 1.25%

Public sale: 5%

Liquidity: 1%.

ITO fee: 0.25%.

Epichero NFTs

EpicHero's gather, trade, and game-focused ecosystem is powered by EpicHero battle card NFTs. To play EpicHero, the future battle card game, each player must have at least one NFT card. Players need larger decks in future games like 3 against. 3, 5 vs. 5, and Thousands vs. Thousands. Every battle card is unique and varies in class, rarity, element, and strength. This makes certain cards more desirable than others for players, traders, and collectors alike. [6]

Users can connect their BSC wallets to the EpicHero DApp and purchase, view, trade, and combat NFTs. Battle cards in EpicHero have stats and features that have direct in-game effects. The scarcity of attributes possessed by an EpicHero card determines its value.

EpicHero cards' distinguishing features

The number of stars on the card indicates the rarity tier (ranging from I, common, to VII, rarest). The numerical values represent card strength and indicate the card's in-game advantage.

Finally, each EpicHero NFT is given a 10-element elemental icon, which is also represented on the card. The advantaged card will gain a damage boost if the card's element has an elemental advantage over another card in battle.

EpicHero 3D NFT cards (Rarity distribution)

EpicHero cards vary in rarity and stats. Table 1 below shows the distribution of rarity tiers from Genesis Hero battle card mints. High rarity tiers. After opening "The Genesis Mysterious Box", the users can randomly own one Rarity Level. There are a total of 7 levels: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Super Rare, Legendary, Mythical, and Epic. [7]

The distribution of rarity tiers from Demi Hero battle card mints. High rarity tiers can only become rarer in the future. After opening The Demi Mysterious Box, users can randomly own one Rarity Level. There are a total of 4 levels: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Super Rare.

Genesis Hero vs Demi Hero

Many people believe it is impossible to play the EPICHERO 3D NFT game because the heroes are too expensive; the current price of a genesis hero is around $650, while the EPICHERO price has increased by 450 percent from the presale price of $0.2 to the current price of $0.9 and is still rapidly increasing. Furthermore, there are only 25,000 genesis heroes, and the floor of each hero is already more than 1 BNB, making it challenging for some users to own heroes.  [8][14]


  • Genesis Hero costs 10,000 THOREUM/chest + 500 EPICHERO to open
  • Demi Hero costs 500 THOREUM + 25 EPICHERO to summon


  • Genesis Hero have a starting star level from 1 to 7 (Epic)
  • Demi Hero have a starting star level from 1 to 4 ( Super Rare)

Double Reflection rewards

Genesis Hero: Double BNB passive reflection rewards: earn 7% of each buy&sell of EpicHero token and 5% of each EpicHero NFT transaction on the marketplace.

Demi Hero: Double Thoreum passive reflection rewards: earn 5% of each Demi Hero transaction on the marketplace then earn 8% in THOREUM every $THOREUM buy & sell transaction from holding $THOREUM in a wallet. [16]

Double Staking rewards

Genesis Hero:

Double staking rewards: earn $EPICHERO from Genesis daily tasks and other gaming events, then earn 3% in THOREUM every $EPICHERO buy & sell transaction, just from holding $EPICHERO in a wallet. [15]

Demi Hero:

Double staking rewards: earn $EPICHERO from Demi daily tasks and other gaming events, then earn 3% in THOREUM every $EPICHERO buy & sell transaction, just from holding $EPICHERO in a wallet. The ability to earn the staking reward of a demi hero is 1/20 of a genesis hero at the same level and rarity. By introducing Demi hero into the game, new players can now experience all of EpicHero’s amazing features at a low investment cost. [9]

Element Advantages

Epic Hero elements have power relations and can be strategically used to change the flow of the battles. A Hero of a certain element does more damage to a hero of the against type, and takes less damages from them.

  • A Hero of Fire/Light does more damage to a hero of Metal/Thunder, and takes less damages from them.
  • A Hero of Metal/Thunder does more damage to a hero of Wood/Wind, and takes less damages from them.
  • A Hero of Wood/Wind does more damage to a hero of Earth/Darkness, and takes less damages from them.
  • A Hero of Earth/Darkness does more damage to a hero of Water/Ice, and takes less damages from them.
  • A Hero of Water/Ice does more damage to a hero of Fire/Light, and takes less damages from them.

Heroes Attributes

Endurance: Endurance represents health and endurance, the value of life, so physique is essential for every class. In addition to health, the Endurance also determines the possibility of a character being affected by debuffs.

How to own an Epichero NFT

  1. Buying a Mysterious Chest and summoning a Genesis Hero

Users can buy mysterious chest through the Mysterious Chest page. Users need to pay 10,000 Thoreum Tokens for each mysterious chest. In the future, users can pay with any tokens in the Thoreum Alliance with discounted price ( ThunderADA, ThunderBNB, ThunderCAKE, ThunderETH and more). After that, users can open their chest using EpicHero. The users need to pay 500 EPICHERO ( this number will be dynamically adjusted based on EpicHero price, but only up not down) to open a chest.

  1. Purchasing a Demi Chest to summon a Demi Hero

Users need to pay 500 Thoreum & 25 EpicHero Tokens to summon a demi hero. They can also use Thoreum Alliance (ThunderCake, ThunderBNB, ThunderADA, ThunderETH) tokens & EpicHero tokens to summon a demi hero.

  1. Summoning a Hero through Breeding System

  2. Summoning a Hero through Merging System

How to earn with EpicHero

  • Hold EpicHero in wallet earn Thoreum - 3% each EpicHero token buy&sell
  • Hold Thoreum in wallet earn Thoreum - 8% each Thoreum token buy&sell
  • Hold Genesis NFT earn BNB - 7% each EpicHero token buy&sell, 5% each Genesis NFT transaction on Genesis marketplace.
  • Hold Demi NFT earn Thoreum - 5% each Demi NFT transaction on Demi marketplace.
  • Stake Genesis NFT in Genesis Daily Task earn EpicHero
  • Stake Demi NFT in Demi Daily Task earn EpicHero

Top players every week are awarded a sum of $EpicHero tokens. Winning these prizes regularly will greatly increase your $EpicHero bag, which will continue to rise in value with the success of the game. Become an NFT Trader or Collector. Experienced users can use our decentralized marketplace to spot an opportunity to buy low and sell high trading any NFT they choose, or just collect hundreds of affordable NFTs to get the auto reflection rewards and sell them when the price is favorable. [12]


Launch (September. - October. 2021)

  • Website & Social media Launch
  • Presale Whitelist open for 10 days
  • Introduce EPICHERO token and ITO on Thoreum platform
  • Hero NFT Sale (BEP-721)
  • Hero Marketplace
  • Staking hero to earn $EpicHero
  • Boss fighting to earn $EpicHero & other rewards (Battle for Olympus)

Equipment (Q4. 2021)

  • Hero Equipment (BEP-1155)
  • Hero Equipment Machine
  • Equipment Marketplace

Dungeon Adventure (Q4. 2021)

  • Earn by deploying Hero to Dungeon Adventure
  • Dungeon Achievement Ranking

PvP Arena (Q4. 2021)

  • 1 vs. 1 Arena
  • 3 vs. 3 Arena
  • 5 vs. 5 Arena
  • Thousands vs. Thousands Arena

World Map Release (Q1. 2022)

  • Land Customization & Camping System
  • Hire heroes from other players
  • Introduce Monsters

Guild Battle (Q2. 2022)

  • The War between Nations for Resources
  • Pet System with Breeding & Evolution

Job & Land (Q3. 2022)

  • Job systems are released.
  • Users can own and decorate their own land, be a landlord
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