Ethernity (ERN) is a -based platform that produces Authenticated Non-Fungible Tokens (ANFTs). Furthermore, Ethernity Chain aims to use s for social good and explore the opportunities they provide in philanthropy.  [2][3]

Ethernity has already created several Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) collections in collaboration with prominent figures, such as BossLogic, Nicky Romero, and Tony Hawk, and also released several collections commemorating Muhammad Ali, Pelé, and Marilyn Monroe.

The latest Ethernity Chain NFT drop is a partnership with the United States Space Force, called "Armstrong Satellite NFT Launch with Space Force". The NFT collection features augmented reality tokens depicting satellites, mission badges, and coins.[35]


Ethernity Chain is a community-oriented platform that produces limited edition authenticated NFTs and trading cards created by many talented artists and endorsed by notable figures. Built on Ethereum, it aims to build the biggest A-NFT library, reward its creators and raise funds for charitable causes.

Ethernity Chain IDO

In February 2021, Ethernity announced the public sale of the $ERN token on . The Ethernity Chain initial DEX offering (IDO) launched on the Polkastarter on March 8th, 2021. The amount raised during the IDO was around $275,000. [26]

Ethernity Packs

Ethernity Packs are a major part of the Ethernity Chain ecosystem. [33]

These packs are priced between $50-$300 USD based on rarity and purchasable in ERN, enabling any retail investor to participate in this community NFT lottery model. Within these packs, users will find aNFTs collectibles curated by the Ethernity Chain creative team. Some of these packs will have randomly inserted incredibly valuable & rare NFTs. Collectors will not know what is in each pack, and there will always be a chance for them to acquire an Ethernity Pack with scarce & exclusive NFTs from authenticated, licensed notable figures or Ethernity Genesis NFTs. [33]

Selected packs will also be purchasable with STONES. [33]


The Ethernity Chain token known as ERN is built on Ethereum. The token provides liquidity to ERN pools. The token enables participants to farm unique Authenticated Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) which can be traded like any other cryptocurrency. Users can also use the token to participate in staking and earn interest. Moreover, the ERN token allows users to participate and make key proposals and changes to the platform.

The community can also provide liquidity in ERN pools to farm unique NFT editions which can otherwise only be bought in the public market. The top exchanges for trading in Ethernity Chain are currently Uniswap,, Hoo, and 1INCH. [5]

When Ethernity Chain receives ERN tokens as payment for NFTs (this includes NFT auctions, direct sales of NFTs and NFT packs), it locks 75% of the collected ERN tokens in the Ethernity Chain Reserve smart contract for two years. After two years the team periodically unlock tokens and refuel the Staking & Rewards Pool for Liquidity providers. The cycle creates organic scarcity as the more NFTs sold, the fewer tokens are in circulation.[33]

Ethernity Stones

In March 2021, Ethernity Chain introduced the Ethernity STONES to its community. [27]

STONES can be used to redeem curated and selected Ethernity NFTs that will only be available to STONES holders via the Ethernity Chain platform. Users can earn STONES by using ERN tokens to farm stones. [27]

The yield for the STONES will be calculated depending on how many ERN tokens are locked into the farming contract. For each ERN token that is locked into the farming contract, users will earn 1000 stones per 24 hours. So there will be no fractional STONES, and the staking yields are non-divisible and will be stored on the farming contract in units of 1000. If users remove their ERN tokens halfway through the 24-hour cycle, they will receive 0 stones. [27]

Stones will be held in the farming contract and locked into the address that users used to farm STONES. Users can not withdraw stones to another wallet, STONES are non-transferable and have no monetary value, and users can not redeem STONES for ETH or ERN. So stones will be strictly redeemable for curated and specific NTFs available on the Ethernity Chain platform only.

Ethernity NFT Drops

Winklevoss Brothers NFTs

In March 2021, Ethernity Chain announced the release of the first authenticated “Crypto Legends” NFT issued by Olympic Rowing Pair and Gemini co-founders Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss. The Winklevoss NFT on Ethernity Chain is a three-card collection commemorating the twins and their role in bringing Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrencies to the masses. The drop was released on May 29, 2021. Ethernity Chain and the Winklevoss twins donated 90% of the profits from this auction to Row New York, an NYC-based non-profit committed to expanding access to rowing throughout the NYC area.  [23]

Three series of NFTs, "Legendary," "Epic" and "Common," were created in a collaboration between Ethernity Chain and Visual Labs, a team of digital artists. More than 100 cards out of 350 released initially have been sold in the first two days after release. [24]

BossLogic NFTs - Community Drop

In March 2021, Ethernity announces a collaboration with top-selling NFT artist BossLogic. The artist created 2501 NFTs that are exclusive to Ethernity Chain Community. The official Ethernity Chain x Bosslogic Collection was released on March 7th, 2021. The Authentic Ethernity Chain NFT Collection was minted to and sold on OpenSea. [21]

To participate in the competition, users had to t follow Ethernity Chain and BossLogic on Twitter and join the Ethernity Chain Telegram and ANN channels. Users also had to retweet the BossLogic announcement, tag two friends, and use the following hashtags: "$ERN," "#Bosslogic," "#EthernityChain" and "#NFT." An entry form was also be provided for users to fill out.[22]

Jason Heuser NFTs

In April 2021, Ethernity partnered with Jason Heuser to release the "Welcome to the Internet" NFT collection, an ode to creators, crypto, memes, NFTs, and the very internet itself. The 1/1 Welcome to the Internet 3D Legendary Edition NFT was sold for $162,000 (5100 ERN).  5% of the sale was donated to Global Wildlife Conservation.

Fernando Tatis Jr. NFTs

In April 2021, Ethernity Chain announced the first baseball authenticated NFT to the community with San Diego Padres Shortstop Fernando Tatis Jr., and Ethernity's first real-world collectibles offering. Fernando Tatis Jr. dropped his first official, licensed aNFT on the Ethernity Chain Platform on April 26, 2021. [16]

The drop also featured Ethernity’s first real-world collectibles - a custom-made and licensed baseball bat by Victus that buyers of the Limited Editions were sent following the drop. Plus, a signed baseball, cleats, and in-game experience to see Fernando Tatis Jr. play with the San Diego Padres. 2.5% of Ethernity’s proceeds were donated to the Blockchain Charity Foundation for projects to help environmental and wildlife protection. [16]

Pelé NFTs

In April 2021, Ethernity Chain announced the official licensed Pelé collection of authenticated non-fungible tokens (aNFTs) honoring the legacy of iconic Brazilian Soccer player Pelé. The collection of 3–6 pieces dropped on Ethernity Chain on May 2, 2021. Created by Australian concept artist Kingsletter and Visual Lab, the collection marked the first time Pele trading cards have ever been released digitally. 90% of Pelé NFT sales benefited the Pelé Foundation, a charity that empowers and educates children battling poverty around the world. The first in a series of Pelé NFTs will be followed by another batch due for release later in 2021.[14]  [15]

Muhammad Ali NFTs

On May 1, 2021, Ethernity and Muhammad Ali Enterprises (MAE) announced “The Muhammad Ali Collection” in partnership with Raf Grassetti, one of the foremost digital sculptors in the NFT community. The auction began on May 1, exclusively at (powered by Ethernity), and a portion of the proceeds was donated to The Muhammad Ali Center. [18]

“The Ali Collection” was designed to celebrate the boxer’s life and legacy, featuring famous photographs of Ali taken in 1971 by Sports Illustrated photographer Neil Leifer. [19] The Muhammad Collection is comprised of four pieces: Float, Sting, G.O.A.T, and Wings. Additionally, one of the NFTs came with a physical pair of boxing gloves signed by Muhammad Ali and an Infinite Objects frame. [18]

Nick Rose, the founder, and CEO at Ethernity Chain, said:

“We are thrilled to partner with Muhammad Ali Enterprises and Raf Grassetti on The Muhammad Ali Collection. He had a lifelong mission to help those in need, and our mission at Ethernity is to focus on charitable causes with our groundbreaking projects, making this partnership a natural fit.” [18]

Tony Hawk NFTs

In 2021, Ethernity partnered with Tony Hawk to create an NFT collection that will launch on May 12, 2021, be available for 24 hours. Hawk recently performed what he insists will be his last-ever 540-degree “Ollie” skate trick, and the moment in time will be preserved for Eternity as an authenticated NFT (aNFT). The winning bidder will also receive the actual skateboard and shoes used in the final trick. The legendary skater’s last-ever 540 constitutes just part of a coveted collection co-created by influential digital artist Ondrej Zunka, a boyhood fan of Hawk. Hawk will also provide one of his own skateboards, modeled after the inverted handstand and represented as an aNFT. Ethernity also raffled the skateboard randomly to a buyer of the aNFT.[17]

The collection is completed by Graffiti Wall, a colorful artwork featuring contributions from skating enthusiasts in the form of messages, drawings and slogans etched on a blank canvas.  [17]

Marilyn Monroe NFTs

In 2021, in honor of Marilyn Monroe's 95th birthday, the Ethernity blockchain and Authentic Brands Group, a brand management company that owns the majority stake in the intellectual property rights of Monroe, teamed up to launch a series of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) inspired by Monroe. The exclusive NFT collection called “MARILYN MONROE METAMORPHOSIS” features curated artwork from several emerging artists across the globe. The collection is available for auction on for a period of 72 hours, since noon on June 1.[10][12]

The artists participating in “Marilyn Monroe Metamorphosis” are Blunt Action, Starving Al, Aitana Basquiat, Grace Casas, Drella Drexler, Jason Ebeyer, Andrew Holzmeister, Blake Kathryn, Vasya Kolotusha, Vincent Viriot, and Bloo Woods. [11]

Nick Rose, the founder and chief executive officer of Ethernity Chain, said,

Ethernity is honored to be the first platform to continue Marilyn’s legacy from the era of Pop Art to the era of NFTs and the blockchain. There could not be a more iconic first female celerity to drop on Ethernity.” [11]

Jim Gibb, creative director at The Marilyn Monroe Estate, said in the press release:

“Marilyn Monroe’s persona has captured the imagination of artists, creators, and art collectors for decades. Through groundbreaking NFT technology, her image will continue to fascinate and inspire the art community through this new medium.” [13]

Nicky Romero NFTs

In May 2021, Ethernity partnered with Visual Lab to release Nicky Romero's first collection of NFTs called “Behind The Mask”. To create it Nicky partnered with Visual Lab, a Dutch company that also created an authenticated NFT collection for Pelé, pioneered Nicky Romero’s “Another World” 3D live stream concept in summer 2020, and is responsible for designing and programming all the visuals one could see during Nicky’s performances around the world. [20]

The 3-tiers collection includes a real-world collectible, a personalized and signed pair of headphones from Nicky Romero & an Infinity Object digital display, and two NFTs - Behind the Mask Silver and Behind the Mask Red. [20]

US Space Force NFT

In an announcement on June 16, 2021, the United States Space Force (USSF) said it had partnered with Ethernity Chain to release digital versions of patches and coins designed for the launch of its fifth vehicle in the GPS Block III. The NFTs will feature the satellite's launch vehicle, space suits, and other iconic imagery. The one being launched is named after Neil Armstrong, a space pioneer and the first person on the moon. [34]

According to Ethernity Chain, the NFTs will be interactive augmented reality tokens, one of which will feature a 3D depiction of 27 satellites orbiting forming the Earth in what scientists describe as a GPS "constellation." Space Force partnered with digital artist companies WorldwideXR and VueXR, to release their own NFTs with augmented reality. Opening bids for the satellite NFT will start at $1, with collections containing between 25 and 100 pieces and ranging from $100 to $1,000.  [34][36]

The collection includes a limited edition digital twin Non-Fungible Token (NFT) of the GPS III SV05 "ARMSTRONG" satellite and GPS III SV05 "ARMSTRONG" Coin and Patch NFTs modeled after the commemorative coins and patches typically reserved for USSF mission team members. The NFTs are created to scale and accessible to their owners via the VueXR app available on iOS and Android. The Armstrong NFTs will be available on Ethernity on June 17. [35]


Terra Virtua

In March 2021, Ethernity announced a strategic partnership with Terra Virtua. Terra Virtua Kolect is a cross-platform Non-Fungible Token (NFT) ecosystem that offers a curated marketplace for NFT creators and collectors to interact. Terra Virtua's entertainment-focused platform provides a new dimension to NFTs allowing them to be displayed on PC, web, mobile, augmented reality, and soon in virtual reality. [28]


In April 2021, Ethernity partnered with Kenetic, a world-class blockchain firm committed to expanding the development and adoption of blockchain platforms through investments, advisory services, community, and technology. According to an announcement today, Kenetic will support the Etherenity Chain network by expanding the development and adoption of blockchain platforms through technology, investments, and advisory services. [29] [30]

In April 2021, the Ethernity team announced that it will be integrating the industry-leading oracle solution  to secure the minting and pricing of aNFTs. Through the upcoming integration of Chainlink's Verifiable Random Function and Chainlink Price Feeds, all users of the Ethernity platform will be provided strong guarantees that the distribution of aNFTs through ePacks is provably fair and cannot be tampered with, as well as that the buying/selling of aNFTs is in accordance with fair market exchange rates. [31]


In May 2021, Ethernity announced a partnership with  (Matic Network), the Layer 2 protocol and framework for building and connecting Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks, in order to remove the current gas fee barrier for the ERN community in all transactions, including swapping, staking or yield/compound farming. [32]

Strategic Partnership with Metakey for Metaverse Developments

For the purpose of creating branded metaverse activations for Ethernity's collections within Decentraland, one of the top metaverse platforms, Ethernal Labs and Metakey have established a strategic agreement.
With the help of this collaboration, Metakey and Ethernal Labs will find brand-new and innovative ways to use Ethernity's NFT collections. Players will be able to gather fully licensed gear, items, and collectibles from their favorite companies, iconic figures, and studios thanks to Ethernal Labs' addition of its collection of top-notch licenses to the Decentraland metaverse.
The Ethernal Labs, Ethernity, and communities can hang out there, interact with one another, and view Ethernity's authenticated NFTs in the gallery as the Metakey team has created a next-generation Ethernity HQ in the center of to mark the beginning of this exciting new partnership.


In February 2021, Ethernity Chain completed a strategic investment round with leading blockchain VCs, including Black Edge Capital, Morningstar Ventures, Spark Digital Capital, Woodstock, and Genesis Block Ventures. [25]


  • Nick Rose Ntertsas - Founder and CEO
  • Mr. Mac Pholea - Chief Engineer
  • Evangelos Diamantis - Chief Financial Officer
  • Adrian Baschuk - COO
  • Steve D'Agostino - CMO
  • Danilo Carlucci - VP of Partnerships
  • Rebekah Keida - VP of Talent and Product Marketing
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