Farmers World

Farmers World is the first farming online play-to-earn game to run on the  platform. Players pick for themselves suitable tools, explore various resources, buy land to build enormous farms, and enjoy the fascinating experiences of farming activities in the Farmers World's Ecosystem .[1][10][11]

Farmers World is an NFT game that runs on the WAX  platform. To be a part of Farmers World, players need to own a WAX wallet, buy and equip tools to start their journey   .
Players can create a WAX account by accessing: ( [12][13]


Farmers World is a builder game developed by a company in Japan where players build their own farmlands, interact with other farmers, perform different daily activities and earn rewards.

Players can join the Farmers world by buying farm animals and equipment and participating in various activities such as raising cows, raising chickens, cultivating crops, fishing, and building barns. Activities, shared quests and competitions bring valuable rewards and upgrade players’ Chest in the game.[17]

Farmers World is one of the fastest-growing NFT games where players farm gold, wood and food coins within FarmersWorld just simply by mining and playing in the game.
wikiPlayers can participate in the De-Fi market to earn more profit on the blockchain game. Players also have the ability to upgrade their farmlands with different in-game NFT items. These are represented as tools-mining excavators, chainsaws, fishing boats, saws, axes. Farm animals- milk, barley seeds, corn seeds, baby calf. Buildings-coop, farm shed, farm plot, among other things  .[18]

This demonstrates that the developers are really enthusiastic about marketing Farmers World and recruiting new players, with the goal of making it the largest play-to-earn game on the platform in particular and Blockchain in general.[14]

Players can earn by:

  • Participating in in-game (PvE) activities.
  • Competing in PvP battles to get rewards.
  • Opening Packs and selling them on the marketplace.


First of all, players need to equip tools (purchasable on AtomicHub) to start extracting resources  .[16] Fishing Rod, Fishing Net, and Fishing Boat are needed to exploit Food coins. Axe, Saw, and Chainsaw are used to harness Wood coins.
Mining Machine is required to extract Gold coins. Revenues from exploitation vary, depending on the level of working tools. During the extraction process, the player’s health declines, the player needs to supply energy using Food Coin. Furthermore, the exploitation process corrodes the essential tools; nevertheless, the player can repair the tools with Gold coins. Gold coins can also be used to purchase new equipment. Wood Coin can be used to purchase any form of exploitation tool.

Players can trade their Farmerstoken or use them in the Farmers World ecosystem for the highest profits. Those participating in the Game need to buy Farmers World NFTs on the secondary Marketplace.[15]

Game Features

Farmers World includes a variety of in-game features designed to advance and upgrade players’ gaming experience.

Players can unlock new maps, build their Farmland, and trade their in-game items (NFTs), such as tools, barns, animals, and crops in the virtual in-game marketplace .[19]

  • The game's economy relies heavily on the Land. Players can purchase Mining plots, Farm plots, Coop, and Cowshed in the marketplace. It is important for players to know that Farmlands are limited in supply .[12]
  • Farmers can create new animals by combining others: One Bull and One Dairy Cow can be combined to give birth to Baby Calves. Players can also raise baby animals in the barn.
  • Players can collect and trade various in-game items, such as barns, sheds, crops, and animals in the in-game marketplace.
  • Farmers World will give participants a variety of ways to collaborate on a common objective and pool resources to execute exciting quests. For example, the game will allow users to participate in missions and tournaments organized by the community.
  • Players will be able to easily switch resources between Farmersworld and other games. For example, players can bring their land and troops in other games to Farmers World and vice versa .[18]

Game Plot

The story plot of Farmers World takes place when this farm city was still in its infancy, as the Phoenicia people were drifting on a fishing vessel from Europe to the Amazon jungle. As their food storage got exhausted, they had to adapt to their new challenging life in the wilderness.

They all joined hands to build farms on the seashore as well as in the deep jungle. Every day, while women knitted fishing nets at home or went fishing on the shore, men chopped woods to build their farms. Moreover, in this deep jungle, the Phoenicia often had to clash with the other white and red tribes over gold mines and territories.

Over time, as conflicts occurred more frequently and violently, the Phoenicia had to decide on one option: to die or to fight till their last breath.

As they entered the war’s preparation period, the Phoenicia started to store food and supplies, exploited woods to make tools, mined gold to buy additional weapons.[20]

Crops & Animals (NFTs)

There are new farm features that have been updated by the game developers. Animal raising and cultivation are two of these features. The construction element that builds the barn and the land is also added in the updated version and is required for these two features to work .[23]
Players need to own their NFTs to use these features. These NFTs include:


For players to raise livestock and grow crops, the first thing to do is to build barns and improve the soil quality. The building work needs time and materials to be completed. Materials are made from gold and wood. This building work will have to go through several stages. It will also consume an amount of Farmer’s energy at each stage.

After the work is completed, players can start the process of growing with the number of animals and crops that fit the type of barns/soils. When the barn/soil is no longer in use, farmers can dismantle it to get the original materials back. Players are to note that there must be no animals/plants in the barn/soil during the dismantling process.


Farming plays an important role in the game's updated version. There are two types of crops: barley and corn. Barley is used as food for animals, while corn kernels are used as food during the reproductive process of cows.

Barley: Need to use seeds to plant, when they are fully grown, players can harvest barley.

Corn: similar to barley, they need to grow from seeds and farmers will harvest corn.


This includes Baby Calf, Calf, and Dairy Cows.

  • Baby Calf consumes milk and time through feeding many times until it grows into Calf (male/female).
  • Calf (male/female) consumes barley and time through feeding many times until it grows into Bull or Dairy Cow.
  • Dairy Cow consumes barley and time to produce milk. Also, Bulls and Dairy Cows are used for the breeding process.


This includes Chicken Egg, Chick, and Chicken

Chicken Egg: In the process of raising chickens, they need time to take care (many times) until they become Chicks.

Chick: Consumes barley and time through many feeding times to become Chicken

Chicken: consumes barley and time through many feeding times to produce Chicken Eggs.

Players are to note that when they don't want to keep their animals, they can take them out of the barn. The process of growing final products will be canceled.

Generating Tools (NFTs)

In the game, all NFT tools that players generate or purchase from the store will be stored in a chest.[21]

All tools that are used for mining must be equipped. For instance, if a player wants to use a fishing rod, it must be equipped first. After that, players can switch to the mining interface to start an in-game activity.
wikiIn the mining process, players can use only a maximum of 2 same characteristic items. Players will receive FWF, which is an in-game currency immediately from the confirmed mining process. A countdown clock starts to count as well as the durability index decreases.

For continuous mining, players have to wait until the end of the countdown and start the next mining process.

There are ways of receiving tools:

  1. Get free items.
  2. Generating items. Generating tools consume wood and gold, corresponding to FWW and FWG

Table of generating item costs

FISHING ROD1200200250
FISHING NET48008001000
FISHING BOAT1920032001600
MINING MACHINE240004000250

$Farmerstoken (FWW)

The Farmerstoken (FWW) is the governance token of Farmers World, issued on the WAX Blockchain network.[21] The total supply of Farmerstoken (FWW) is unknown.

Token Usage

  • Play to earn (P2E) and events.
  • Payment for purchase of NFTs items in-game.
  • Economy administration.

In-Game Tokens

Farmers World has 3 types of resource tokens:

  1. FWW for Wood-items for wood exploitation (wood mining)
  2. FWF for Food-items for food exploitation (food mining)
  3. FWG for Gold-items for gold exploitation (gold mining

Tools and health are required to exploit these resource tokens

Players can earn tokens by participating in in-game activities. Players can also buy FWW, FWF, and FWG tokens on the Alchor Exchange platform.

FWW is currently listed on the following Exchanges:

Withdrawal process

  • Alcor Exchange.
  • CoinMarketCap
  • Binance

Advertising on social platforms and KOLs:

  • DappRadar
  • AtomicHub
  • WAX Walle

Game Modes

Player versus Environment (PvE)

These are single in-game activities that Players can engage in. They include  :


  • Crafting (craft) NFTs.
  • Building process (Bringing in the NFTs)
  • Planting
  • Animal raising
  • Reproduction

Crafting (craft) NFTs

The number of resources needed to craft NFTs:

Farm Plot200120

Building process (Bringing in the NFTs)

When there are available NFTs like Cowshed, Coop, Farm Plot in the Chest, players can put them in and start the building process (claim). After the building process is finished (the number of claims is enough), players can start raising in their cowshed, coop, and cultivating their Farm Plot.

NFTCharge time(Between claims)Required Claim(Required for 1 build)Consumed Energy(Required for 1 build)Limit Slots(Number of units)
Cowshed30 minutes123002
Coop30 minutes82503
Farm plots30 minutes82008


Players must own and use one Farm Plot to grow crops. There are two types of plants:

Corn & Barley: When growing these plants, players must perform the act of watering for the crop to grow.

SeedCharge time(Between claims)Required Claim(Required for 1 build)Consumed Energy(Required for 1 build)Misclaim limits(Number of lost claims)Rewards
Barley seeds4 hours4230027.5
Corn seeds4 hours4225037.5

Animal raising

Players can raise two kinds of animals. They are Cows and Chickens.

1. Cows: The associated NFTs are

  • Baby Calf
  • Calf (male/female)
  • Bull
  • Dairy Cow

To raise a Cow, players must own and use 1 Cowshed.

Cow’s development process includes 3 levels: Baby Calf -> Calf -> Cow (Bull or Dairy Cow depending on Calf’s gender is male or female). For a cow to grow, it needs to be fed (claim) and time to grow. Dairy cows will also produce milk.

2. Chickens: the associated NFTs are

  • Chicken Egg
  • Chick
  • Chicken (a hen)

wikiTo raise chicken, players need to own and use Coop. Chicken’s development process includes 3 levels: Chicken Egg -> Chick -> Chicken. From Chicken Egg, players will hatch the egg to help it becomes a chick. From Chick, the farmer will feed barley to help it becomes Chicken. Chicken consumes barley and time to produce eggs.


Players can pair Bulls and Dairy Cows to perform mating actions so as to birth baby calves.

ConsumeReward cardsReward RateCharge TimeDaily Claim LimitRequired claims
CornBaby Calf1.54 Hours39

After pairing, every 4 hours (Charge time) Players will feed the cows 1 time (after the animals are paired, the countdown will start). Corn will be used as food.

Animals can be fed up to 3 times (Daily Claim Limits). After feeding them 9 times, the reproduction process will end. Players will receive their Bull, Dairy Cow back and also receive the amount of Baby Calf with a Reward Rate of 1.5 NFT units.

Player versus Player (PvP)

These are multiplayer in-game activities that players can engage in with others. They include

  • Clashes


Players can start to forge new weapons, recruit new warriors, and join forces with other players to protect their farms against dangerous intruders (The white and red tribes) that have discovered the farms and are planning to conquer them. This is an exciting game mode as players have the ability to determine the outcome of conflicts that are seemingly inevitable.[24]

NFTs Collectibles


The first level (elementary level) item. It requires 10 strength points and 5 durability points to use Axe in the exploitation process for an hour to earn 5 FWW.


The second level (intermediate level) item. It requires 30 strength points and 15 durability points to use Saw for exploiting for an hour to earn 17 FWW.


The third level (advanced level) item. It requires 60 strength points and 45 durability points to use Chainsaw for exploiting for an hour to earn 54 FWW

Fishing rod

The first level (elementary level) item. It takes 5 durability points to use Fishing Rod mining for an hour to get 5 FWF.

Fishing net

The second level (intermediate level) item. It takes 20 durability points to use Fishing Nets mining for an hour to get 20 FWF.

Fishing boat

The third level (advanced level) item. It takes 30 durability points to use Fishing Boat mining for 1 hour to get 80 FWF.


Farmers World items and collectibles can be purchased on Atomic Hub or NFT Hive. To start playing the game, players will first need to buy at least a unit through one of these marketplaces. Players should search for ''farmersworld'' collection under the markets bar in Atomic Hub  .[15]

How to use Farmers World Marketplace

  • Players can learn basic information, mining process, and the consumption of game’s mining results on the Farmers World Overview page  .
  • Players are to create a WAX Cloud Wallet account or an Anchor account to login into the game.
  • Players should deposit to Wax Wallet to be able to purchase items.
  • Players must have a tool to start playing. An Axe and a fishing rod are recommended. Players can buy tools at Farmersworld Collection.


There are 3 available packs that players can purchase in the marketplace. They vary with collectible items.

Membership pack
Welcome Pack

Membership packs

  • 2000 Available
  • Sale Price: $514.00
  • NFT Odds
  • Bronze Member 93%
  • Silver Member 5%
  • Gold Member 2%

Welcome packs


  • 3000 Available
  • Sale Price: $442.80
  • NFT Odds:
  • Fishing Rod 24%
  • Stone Axe 72%
  • Mining Excavator 4%

Little love

  • 3000 Available
  • Sale Price: $322.50
  • NFT Odds:
  • Small Wood Token 25%
  • Small Food Token 25%
  • Small Gold Token 25%
  • Farmer Coin Pack 25%


Farmers World Roadmap outline include:


  • Composing game scripts
  • Draw characters and items
  • Smart contract completed
  • UI developed
  • Beta UI tested.
  • Standard packs released and sale

Coming soon

  • Crop cultivation
  • New Character & items
  • Mobile app

Long term

  • Clashes
  • Farmers World Ecosystem
  • Farmers land.
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