FLUF World

FLUF World is a collection of 10,000 unique 3D animated, programmatically generated  (NFTs).  Within 40 minutes of the public launch, they were completely sold out.[1][4][3]


FLUF World is a collection of 10,000 unique 3D animated rabbits living as NFTs on the blockchain. FLUFs have been programmatically generated from 270 attributes across 14 categories to be entirely unique by at least three degrees of separation. This also excludes their expression, dance, scene, and soundtrack.  [1][5]

FLUFs are stored as ERC721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. Owners can download their FLUF in MP4, GIF, and PNG formats, with 3D models coming soon.

They were crafted in Blender and randomly compiled using a Python script and a logic table to determine trait compatibility and rarity.

FLUF World is a project by Non-Fungible Labs, with the support of Centrality. [7]


Initially, FLUFs were set to launch on August 5, 2021, on the same day as the EIP1559 update to the Ethereum blockchain, and due to some issues with gas spikes on the network, the team let the community vote on whether to delay the launch for 2 days or not - and the community voted in discord to delay the drop. [3]

Within 40 minutes of the public launch, they were completely sold out. [3]


All FLUF NFTs are priced at 0.09 ETH + gas. Membership to FLUF World is granted for as long as a user holds their NFT. As long as all 10,000 NFTs have been sold, the price is dictated by the market on third-party platforms such as OpenSea.


FLUF partnered with Outline  Ventures in September 2021.[6] The Outline Ventures team believe that FLUFs is what comes next after : a next generation P2E (Play-to-Earn) economy that goes well beyond the PFP people see today. One that creates a more complex and immersive universe of physi-digital content and experiences across the Metaverse.

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FLUF World


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