Fusion (FSN) is a cryptocurrency native on the Fusion blockchain, a connected ecosystem for financial transactions. Fusion is Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible and FSN is the base coin which functions the same way that ETH functions on Ethereum. The network ID is 32659 and can be connected through a variety of RPC gateways.[1]


FUSION Foundation was founded in 2017. It raised a total of $110M in funding over 2 rounds, including last Initial Coin Offering (ICO) round on Feb 14, 2018. Its investor list includes BlockWater Management.[2][3]


Fusion is a blockchain-based financial platform that offers cross-chain, cross-organization, and cross-data source services through smart contracts.


Fusion provides a Network and Tools to provide scalable options to users and also provides interoperability and tools to develop apps and projects on top of Fusion. Currently Fusion is primarily used to support the Chainge Finance  app but has potential to support a vast amount of applications.

Time-slicing and staking

Fusion provides staking opportunities for users and it runs on a custom built consensus engine known as Ticketed Proof of Stake (TPoS) to validate and secure transactions on its decentralized network. Anyone can participate by setting a node to make the network stronger and safer and earning FSN rewards.  Further holders of FSN can actually give up their FSN for a time, in order to let someone else enjoy staking rewards, or expect them to stake for them. This process is made possible by slicing up the asset in fragments  and is a unique and patented Fusion technology  . For anyone seeking to run their own node there is an easy guide  .

Distributed Control Rights Management System

Fusion achieves decentralized Interoperability by using DCRM technology which is a base of interconnectivity between blockchains and traditional systems. It helps to integrate any digital asset with Fusion's ecosystem and so to achieve unrestricted compatibility.  This technology is similar to SMPC with its basis in decentralized custody and has been under review by European Central Bank in their considerations for interoperability. The technology is also patented  .

Chainge Finance

Chainge Finance  is a mobile application and wallet utilizing all the powers of Fusion's Technology.

Users can lock in and lock-out external cryptocurrencies to the Fusion ecosystem, leading to a fully interoperable ecosystem of economies. Assets brought to Fusion through Chainge run in the FRC759 format[4]. Chainge execution of cross-chain transactions is very smooth and can even handle multiple chains at once making UX simpler for the users. This unique and seamless experience has been coined cross-chain roaming.

They also plan to further this even more through the implementation of a cross-chain DEX aggregator that could combine the liquidity of every DEX on every chain.[5]

Like Fusion's native assets the FRC759 format is capable of utilizing Fusion's unique time segmenting technology and Chainge utilizes this to create Futures and Options contracts that are fully decentralized and guaranteed and also fully liquid through Futures and Options DEX contracts. The app is also quite known for offering a high yield in certain LP contracts, especially the ones for Options.

Chainge further offers a way to handle decentralized Escrow, allowing strangers to trade and do business without having to rely on trust.

Quantum Swap Sandbox

In addition to EVM, Fusion has a unique set of assets running on it deeply embedded at its core. These assets (including FSN) can interact in unique ways through Quantum Swaps and Time Locks. Using Quantum Swap users can trade any native Fusion assets and with complete control over the swapping parameters. Once the maker and taker agree the swap is instant and executed within a single transaction (even if it was for multiple asset types). It doesn't take any additional fees, the only associated cost is the gas price for sending the transaction. Currently, the technology is in use by Dopamine for NFTs.



Cross-chain interoperability through a decentralized custodian model (DCRM)

Time-Lock Feature

Fusion's unique Time-Lock feature enables users to extract time-value out of their digital assets

Smart Contracts

Ethereum compatible enhanced crypto financial smart contracts


Manage and control private keys in a distributed manner with DCRM technology


Scalable, decentralized, efficient, and environmentally friendly network nodes

Digital Assets

Create, manage or even lend digital assets & NFT's using Fusion's FRC20 protocol


Efficient and improved Ethereum compatible, tickered proof of stake algorithm

Developer Friendly

Jumpstart application development with a rich set of APIs geared to finance


Fusion is similar to Bitcoin, in that it applies halvings every two years and that supply is ever inflating but since the inflation is decreasing it may never be more than 81 920 000 FSN, even after an infinite amount of time has passed.  It is also similar to Ethereum in that it's recycled as gas for staking validators. However, fees are much lower than either network and can handle at least 500 000 transactions/hour.


  • Founder/CEO | Dejun Qian.
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