Galaxy Eggs

Galaxy Eggs is a generative collection of 9,999 Eggs of the metaverse in form of  (NFTs) created by Gal Barkan.  [2][4]

A Legendary Galaxy Egg sold for 40 ETH on the first day of trading. [11]


The Galaxy Eggs collection was created by Gal Barkan, the director of (art)ificial art studio.[1]  All minted eggs, both pre-sale and public sale, were revealed on September 18, 2021.

Barkan and the team are using Autodesk 3ds Max to generate the Eggs. Anything seen in the pictures is a 3d object that was rendered via Autodesk 3ds Max - these are not ‘traits’ that are drawn by hand - all rendered. The quality of the pictures is 2k resolution, which makes the rendering computation complex. Rendering an Egg can take 7-10 minutes on a strong GPU, therefore the algorithmic team had to use rendering farms around the world to render the full project. [3]
wikiThe Eggs are separated into different collections representing the different elements Gal Barkan has created, so there are some Eggs that are rare than others. There is also an Art Director Hand Made collection which is a collection of Eggs that are fully handmade without any algorithmic work. Other than that, the collection does not possess the ‘regular traits’ as in generative NFT projects. The Eggs are not listed on Rarity Tools. [3]

Notable Sales

On September 19, 2021, Galaxy Egg #0036, Luck Dragon, sold for 41 ETH ($136,482) on OpenSea. [5] [6] On September 18, 2021, Galaxy Egg #1246, Legendary Egg, sold on OpenSea for 40 ETH ($137,430).[7][8]   Galaxy Egg #0331, Ethereum King, sold for 31 ETH ($103,194) on September 19, 2021, on OpenSea.  [9][10]


  • Galaxy Eggs art director’s collection exhibition is opened.
  • 20 Lucky random Galaxy Egg holders got printed 10k resolution poster of their Egg sent straight to their home, signed by art director Gal Barkan.
  • Galaxy Eggs Merch Store - the team will collaborate with clothing companies to produce exclusive merch and apparel for all Galaxy Eggs holders.
  • Airdrop to every Egg holder.
  • Galaxy Warriors - Launching the second phase of the Galaxy Metaverse. [1]

Roadmap 2

  • Working with a top-notch screenwriter who will oversee the project's imaginative storyline.
  • Owners of a Galaxy Egg AND a Galaxy Warrior will receive a FREE First Edition Galaxy Eggs Comics as part of the Galaxy Eggs X Warriors comic book series.
  • Together with our scriptwriter, we will create a pitch bible for the storyline that we will then offer to the studios.
  • 100 Galaxy Warriors Special Edition - For members of our core community who possess both a Galaxy Egg and a Galaxy Warrior, weekly drawings will be held. These Warriors will serve as honorary Warriors for our community rather than becoming one of the 9,999 Galaxy Warriors. ​
  • Holder Rewards: On January 8th, those that held more than 20 Eggs throughout the snapshot would receive Special edition Warriors (as explained on our Discord)
  • The NFT Worlds At NFT Worlds, we picked up a couple lands, and we're exploring for creative ways to use them. Please feel free to contact us with any suggestions or concepts.
  • Collaborations: Starting with the Boonji project, we are working on a number of partnerships.


  • Gal Barkan - Art Director
  • Mr Bob (@mrbob_NFT)
  • Gili Gilik (@GiliGilik) [1]
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Galaxy Eggs

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