Gambling Apes

Gambling Apes (launched September 5th, 2021) is a generative  (NFT) collection of 7,777 unique apes, created from over 120 different traits. The traits vary in rarity, which results in some apes being ultra-rare and others being more common. Among the most notable traits are the background, fur, clothing, and headwear.


The apes were created on the Ethereum  and were minted on September 5th, 2021 for 0.07 ETH each. They sold out in 7 minutes.

These gambling apes are not the only apes in the NFT world, but they stand out in the crowd of avatars and are easily recognizable because of their style and facial expressions.

The artwork also varies from the rather colorful to the almost complete grayscale, thus achieving a broad aesthetic appeal and enabling most people to find a color palette that’s great for them.

The main selling point of the project is the upcoming

casino, co-owned by the community. As a Gambling Ape owner, users will get a share of the casino’s revenues every month, as well as exclusive access to certain events and tournaments closed to the public.


  • Marcel - Founder/Operations
  • Noah - Co-founder/Strategy
  • Sokos6 - Promotions
  • ChickyPoutch - Metaverse
  • Eliza - Advisor
  • GSD 3D CLUB - Design

Gambling Ape Casino

A 14-parcel  estate was acquired on September 20th, 2021, and the team is currently working on the design of the casino as well as securing the necessary license to operate it.
wikiDesigned in conjunction with incredible digital artists, the casino is an extraordinary place where Gambling Apes NFT holders can get lost in a sea of poker tables, roulette, and blackjack. Weekly tournaments, sports betting competitions, leader boards, and juicy prize pools will all be on the menu.

At launch, three casino games will be available to play.

  • Slots
  • Blackjack
  • Roulette ‌

Soon after poker and baccarat will be introduced. The Gambling Apes NFT roadmap has weekly poker tournaments for all NFT holders and of all the casino games, poker is the most communal experience and most liked by the Gambling Apes community.

The House Edge

The house edge is different from game to game. This is true in the brick-and-mortar casinos of Las Vegas and Monaco as well as online. The house edge also varies depending on your skill level.

The house will have a smaller edge on Co-founder Noah due to his skill level at Blackjack, for example. Some averages to keep in mind: For Blackjack, it’s around 0,85%, for Roulette 2,9%, and for Slots 12,4%. [1]

Earning Structure

In keeping with the integrity and transparency of the project, the earning structure around which NFT holders will have access to the profit share and the distribution of profits from the Gambling Apes Casino will be available to the public and as simple as we can make it. ‌

The following earning structure will apply to the Gambling Apes Casino:

  • 70% Profit Share to Holders
  • 20% promotion wallet
  • 10% Treasury for big wins

The Gambling Ape Community

With 39,000 Discord users and 17,500 Twitter followers right now, the Gambling Apes community is sizable and expanding. The eye-catching artwork, gambling-themed plot, and grandiose metaverse ideas all draw a lot of attention.
Discord announcements consistently receive hundreds of responses, which is a good indication that the community is active and interested in the project's development. You don't have to gamble to be a member of the community, but it's obvious that many GA owners are connected by the general subject, either as gamblers themselves or as investors who see a fantastic economic opportunity. The distribution of the 7,777 Gambling Apes NFTs among the 3,600 owners demonstrates a healthy distribution among a wide owner base and limits the potential of huge whales to dump prices by selling and buying at inflated prices.

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Gambling Apes

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