Goblin Laboratory

Goblin Laboratory is the very first drag and drop  (NFT) builder, built on the Solana . The Goblin Labs has described itself as being immersive in the business of making goblins as digital collectibles with unusual rarities.  [1][2]


Goblin Laboratory is a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) builder, it is in the business of making goblins or actually helping users make
Using thousand of hours of illustration work from the last decade of Gossip Goblin's career, they created a simple drag and drop tool that allows users to assemble their own Goblin NFT from a pool of random parts.

This project was built on the Solana Blockchain. There is over 11,111 NFTs that has been created by users.

Assembling Goblins

Step 1 Acquire Goblin Brain

Step 2 Visit the Goblin lab and start experimenting on the acquired brain.

Step 3 Observe the randomized properties inside the brain. Drag and drop, resize, and manipulate the properties until a masterpeice is created.

Step 4 Use your experiment as a mintpass to unlock and build future NFTs for free.


This project is quite different from most NFT project, here, users are involved in the creation process. Each brain is a ticket that can be used to craft a unique goblin. The parts that make up each brain has a rarity level. [3]

Goblin Laboratory NFT - How big will this be?
Once users are done with their creation, it will be rendered in high resolution and the smart contract updates the NFT on-chain Metadata to point to it. [2]

Users can also re-do their creation if they don ‘t like how it turned out. [1]

The Brain

"The Goblin Brain has been long coveted by Goblin Soothsayers and Degenerate Street Urchins alike, this brain has been harvested from a premium wetware surrogate in an underwater consciousness farm just over yonder. "

Inside this Goblin Brain users will find the synaptic metadata required to conduct a Goblin Experiment. [1]


Gossip Goblin - Artist

Zack is a writer and illustrator specializing in the art and lore of goblins.

Mike -Developer

Mike is a bio-engineer by day and a goblin engineer at night. He specializes in biophysical analysis of goblins.


In the future, the team has plans to empower artists and collectors to continually access, create and share their works. They plan to release airdrops and access to future laboratory projects. [1]

They will also be releasing their first free experiment which is called Sentinels, a masterfully crafted collection of Glitch Punk inspired PFPs. [1]

Charity & Donations

The team plans to donate $30,000 from their initial sale to GiveWell’s Maximun Impact Fund.

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Goblin Laboratory


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