Greg Mike

Greg Mike ( born 1 May 1982) is a crossroads between civilizations. He is a studio artist who has received advanced training in graphic design, fashion design, street art, and industrial branding and packaging.


Greg started developing strong interest in arts in his early teens, after becoming fascinated with the boundless energy and crisp line work of classic American mid-century cartoons.[3]

I painted graffiti all through high school and was introduced to graphic design during my senior year. I started making local skate zines by taping drawings and photos together, photocopying them and distributing them to local shops. Once I got my hands on an old computer, I started using the line and fill tools in Microsoft Paint to create digital pieces.

Greg said.

He was born and raised in Connecticut, childhood trips to NYC in the mid-’80s exposed "Greg Mike" Mensching to the creative potential of reinventing public spaces through art and design.He began painting on skateboards and walls when he was twelve years old, and he continued to do so throughout his adolescence. As a senior in high school, he refined his style by studying graphic design, which he introduced into his works. And this can still be reflected in his work today, whether it's on whole houses or massive walls (next up he wants to paint a commercial airplane).


  • Florida State University, Design + MarketingField Of StudyDesign + Marketing (2000 – 2004)
  • Florida State University, Fine/Studio Arts, General (2000 – 2004)
  • Florida State University, Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) (2000 – 2003)


He has been known for works that integrate vibrant bursts of incandescent color filtered from a Surrealist Pop Art perspective, which are further influenced by his intense engagement with skate culture and his intersections with the fashion world. His universe is unsettling, mischievous, and uniquely captivating, with a cast of gleefully warped characters. [4]

His style evolves with time, but the central features, such as heavily pigmented shades, typography, retro characters, and animals, remain constant. To harness his imagination, the artist uses traditional spray paint as well as oil, acrylic, pen and pencil, computers and tablets, or, in his own words, "through any means possible." When these ingredients are mixed, the result is art that is "a little twisted, a little cheerful, a little dark and wild, but mostly optimistic." [5]

LARRY LOUDMOUF, a recurring character in his works, and as the name implies, loud by name, loud by default, as this character is a physical reflection of his inner thoughts and feelings.

When asked about Who/what has had the biggest impact on his career, Greg said;

There are a few things I feel have impacted my career. First, utilizing spray paint as a tool to create art. The speed of being able to paint goes well with my ADD personality and thought process. I am constantly thinking about how blessed we are to have that tool and the new technology with low-pressure paint and extensive color range availability. From a big picture creative standpoint, I think Walt Disney has inspired me to think larger than just the canvas.

He founded ABV Gallery and Agency in Atlanta, GA in 2008, which exhibits international artists and partners with brands on commercial design projects. [1] ABV serves as a forum for Atlanta innovators while also serving as a museum, showcasing new artists alongside well-known names from around the world.GM created OuterSpace Project in Atlanta, GA in 2015, an event series that combines public art, live music, architecture, action sports, and community.

ABV is an Atlanta-based experiential marketing agency, production lab, and modern art gallery. We excel in turning our clients' dreams and aspirations into striking images, objects, and interactions as an artistic powerhouse. We produce one-of-a-kind and entertaining work that stands out from the crowd, from architecture to fabrication.

The gallery space at ABV houses work by some of the world's best modern artists and designers. Exhibitions, as well as pop-up concepts and festivals, are held in the gallery room.

Symbolism of Larry Loudmouf

It simply represented his voice and artistic thoughts at first. Although, thanks to the thousands of “Loudmouf Says” phrases submitted online over the years [where anybody can apply a catchphrase for Larry to “speak” that is then printed on billboards and merchandise], it has grown into a global art movement. Via Larry, the artist has gotten submissions from people all over the world expressing their opinions and beliefs.

Exhibitions & Installations

The renown artist has done quite a number of exhibitions and installations some of which are listed below:

"Popstars and Cokeheads" - Installment 1 - Solo Exhibition Medicine Agency - San Francisco, CA. 2009

"Popstars and Cokeheads" - Installment 2 - Solo Exhibition - Kai Lin Art - Atlanta, GA 2009

"Popstars and Cokeheads" - Installment 3 - Solo Exhibition - Butter Gallery - Miami, FL. 2009

"The Tenderloin Project" - Installment 1 Medicine Agency - San Francisco, CA. 2010

"Awesome Number One Big Fun Group Show" Medicine Agency - San Francisco, CA. 2010

"Living Walls Exhibition - The City Speaks" Outdoor Mural Project - Atlanta, GA. 2010

"Supernatural Circus" ABV Gallery - Atlanta, GA. 2010

"Art Basel Showcase" Butter Gallery - Miami, FL. 2010

Tott Global Showcase - Art Basel Pop-Up Gallery - Miami, FL. 2010

"Bay to the A" - TOTT Global Showcase at ABV Gallery - Atlanta, 2010

Reebok Mural - Outdoor Mural, Atlanta, GA 2011

Da Playground - Installation, Atlanta, GA 2011

"Save the Day, Kill the Night" Group Show at ABV Gallery. Atlanta, GA 2011

Basel Castle / Tott Global Showcase - Art Basel Pop-Up Gallery - Miami, FL. 2011

Moxie Creative Agency - Shipping Container Installation. Atlanta, GA. 2011

"Text, Drugs and Rock + Roll" - Maxwell Colette Gallery - Chicago, IL. 2011

"Monsters" - Kai Lin Art Gallery - Atlanta, GA. 2011

Wynwood Arts District - Outdoor Mural, Miami, FL 2011

"Living Walls Exhibition - The City Speaks" Outdoor Mural Project - Atlanta, GA. 2011


Greg Mike's bright and bombastic exhibition

The new exhibition includes 25 massive paintings on canvas that feature the artist's signature vivid, bombastic, and polished style, as well as photorealistic animals and his now-iconic character, Larry Loudmouf.

Within Voices is Greg's first big solo exhibition in Los Angeles since 2014, after spending the previous four years painting murals around the country, including Bear Witness in Venice, CA.Greg declares Inside Voices to be his loudest and largest show to date, after a time of enormous artistic development, becoming a father, and a snowboarding accident that could have stopped him from ever painting again.

Greg declares Inside Voices to be his loudest and largest show to date, after a time of enormous artistic development, becoming a father, and a snowboarding accident that could have stopped him from ever painting again.

"As a kid, adults always tell you to use your ‘inside voice’. Be quiet. Behave like an adult," Greg says. "There’s this belief our society keeps pushing that in order to grow up you have to give up your voice and stop expressing yourself. Inside Voices is a complete rejection of that. These new works leverage the style of my outdoor murals, but move inside of the gallery space — and inside of collectors homes — to explore visual representations of internal dialogues."


He has received several awards in his already industrious and illustrious career. Some of which are outlined below :

  • Mike received the key to the city of Worcester, Massachusetts award from Mayor Joseph Petty in September 2016.
  • Creative Loafing 2017's Most Known Visual Artist
  • Notable Georgians Award 2017

Greg Mike; an Inspiration

Tyler Marenyi aka NGHTMRE fell in love with Atlanta-based artist Greg Mike's art and style after coming across an art installation at Atlanta's Counterpoint Music Festival in 2012. Greg Mike has become known for works that combine vibrant flashes of incandescent color filtered from a Surrealist Pop Art perspective, which are further influenced by his intense engagement with skate culture and his encounters with the fashion world.

With murals in Atlanta, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, and the Swiss Alps, to name a few, it was clear that his work would inspire a lot of other people. Greg Mike is the founder and artistic director of ABV AGENCY + GALLERY, a multi-platform creative studio that specializes in graphic design, street art, mural projects, art direction, and more. He is currently based in Atlanta.

Fast forward nine years, and NGHTMRE's quest to stay creative has led him to rekindle some of these priceless moments of inspiration. NGHTMRE first came across Greg Mike's art in 2012 and continued to pursue him through the years, gradually becoming friends and partners. Finally, the two have revealed a special Digital Art drop via Nifty Gateway, bringing the story full circle. Four animated works of digital art titled "GUD MORNING," "HIGH NOON," "NIGHT MODE," and "FUTURE FORECAST" will be up for sale today in an auction-style showcase.

I’ve really loved Greg Mike’s work for so long it’s amazing to be able to collaborate on something as unique as this. I’ve always loved the idea of audio/visual collaborations and this is my first opportunity to be able to do it! – NGHTMRE

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Greg Mike

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