Hacken Token is a native VeChainThor blockchain-based Crypto-token that powers most of the activities within the Hacken ecosystem.[1]


Hacken is a cybersecurity ecosystem that was founded in August 2017 by some cybersecurity experts, Big 4 professionals, and white hat hackers. The ecosystem development budgets were formed from the HKN token generation event that occurred between the months of October and November 2017. Since late 2017, Hacken has been developing an ecosystem that:

  • Ensures continued high-quality protection from major cyber risks for our clients
  • Contributes to the development of an ethical hackers community through education and client connection
  • Simplifies knowledge on cryptocurrency exchange cyber risks.[2]

Blockchain Security Consult

Hacken has been performing security audits for blockchain companies from 2017 up till recent, hence its establishment as a trusted partner and industry leader. Hacken also manages the blockchain security industry players' cooperation through various public and private cybersecurity groups and communities. Its professional team of consultants performs Smart contract audits, DApp security reviews, and blockchain protocol reviews in accordance with internal methodology and industry best practices. Hacken provides security consulting services across multiple different blockchain protocols, including VeChainThor, Ethereum, TRON, EOS, and more.


HackenAI is the all-in-one continually developing personal cybersecurity application developed by Hacken to help keep the digital identity and online world safe. It is described as the user's personal Cyberguard that helps to improve the user's personal security with a simple, interactive tool and it is available on iOS and Android.
HackenAI provides Maximum security and promises its users top-notch cybersecurity whilst using its continuously developing application.

Hacken Integrates Chainlink to Bring its Security Audit Data On-Chain for DeFi. This move was made known publicly on 16th September 2020, and it is to make its security audit data about smart contracts, DeFi projects, and cryptocurrency exchanges available on-chain for use by decentralized applications. Its integration with Chainlink’s market-leading decentralized oracle network is aimed at enabling Smart contracts from any blockchain to access Hacken’s security data. Therefore, developers can easily leverage Chainlink’s existing pool of secure node operators to build in security buffers that protect user funds and/or ensure more secure and reliable transaction/protocol automation based on Hacken data feeds.


Hacken Token (HAI) is a VIP180 crypto-token that operates on the VeChainThor blockchain. Hacken token is a native token that powers most of the activities with the Hacken Ecosystem. Hacken Token has a total supply of 1,000,000,000 HAI and it is currently traded mostly on Oceanex DEX.
The Hacken Token can be used for discounted HackenAI subscription fees, acquisition of Hacken Club membership, as well as purchasing corporate and crypto exchanges cybersecurity services within the Hacken Ecosystem.[1]

Token Swap

The original HKN ERC-20 token was swapped into HAI and is no longer tradable at Cryptocurrency exchanges and a guide was provided in a bid to help users swap their HKN token to HAI which is now functional on the VeChainThor blockchain. During this process (of swapping), HKN tokens will be converted to HAI tokens which will be minted on the VeChainThor Blockchain as a VIP180 token[1]

Token Distribution

HAI distribution and lock-up model primary’s goals are:

  • To ensure the Hacken Ecosystem is sustainable for long-term development
  • To protect HAI holders from pump & dump
  • To give HAI demand/supply effective management.
Token AllocationAllocated Percent (%)
Equity investors10%
Private Sale10%
Partners and Advisors10%
HKN holders8%
Public issuance5%
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