HashDemons is a collection of six thousand six hundred and sixty-six (6,666) Demons - unique digital collectibles living on the Ethereum .  [1]


Each demon controls one of the three types of dark magic, which verifies an example of an exemplary attack in the battle with other demons in the Arena. [5] Dark functions of the mint are run, The owner of demons summons one. The demon flies to open sea, He takes the ether.[2]

Each demon controls one of the 3 types of dark magic, which verifies an example of an exemplary attack in the battle with other demons in the Arena.

  • The prophecy

The prophecy of the great unknown programmer came true and the gates of the dark smart contract opened that had been closed for thousands of years. Terrible demons began to pass from these gates, driven by desire alone - the thirst for ether.

  • Demon Arena

The development of the Arena smart contract begins immediately after the sale of 50% of the collection. The owners of demons can be able to present them to a duel, and receive ETH by placing bets or winning battles. [3]

The Specs

Each demon is a unique, software-generated character, and has its own set of characteristics and attributes, such as facial features, horns, ears, magic signs, and more. All demons are unique, but some are less common than others.

Daemons are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. The purchase of a demon costs 0.013 ETH. Summoning a demon isn't just buying an avatar or provably rare piece of art.

Users get membership access to the club, the benefits, and offers of which will grow over time. User demons can serve as their digital identity and open digital gates for them to other worlds, for example, to the Arena, where user demons participate in fights, they earn ETH for them. [4]

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