Henry Chua

Henry Chua is a co-founder at Switcheo Network and works as the Chief operating officer. Chua is also the Director of Conjur Technologies Pte Ltd , and was once a Software Engineer at Bumbox Logistics.[1]


In 2011, Henry Chua attended the National University of Singapore, where he studied for a Bachelor of Engineering degree (B.Eng.) in Computer Engineering and graduated in 2015.[4]


Henry Chua began his career pursuit whilst he was in his university.

Bumbox Logistics:

In 2014, when he was speculatively in his penultimate-final year in the university, Henry Chua worked with Bumbox Logistics as a Software Engineer . Bumbox Logistics is a logistics solution-giving company located in Singapore. The aim of this company is to mitigate physical mail delivery failures for parcels by providing pay-per-use storage lockers at convenient locations. Whilst Henry was here, he was in charge of software engineering and product management s and he saw to technological stack, which includes multiple consumer mobile apps (iOS, Android), web applications, API interfaces for merchant integrations, and he remotely controlled smart boxes/lockers deployed at multiple locations. Henry worked with Bumbox till May 2015.

Payboy Pte Ltd

Having completed his degree in 2015, Henry resumed duty with Payboy Pte Ltd in January 2016 as Chief Technology officer , a work he will be committed to for the next two years and six months. Payboy is a cloud-based HR solution that intends to dominate the Singapore market by providing a superb user experience even for non-technical users. Whilst he was with Payboy, he functions in several capacities which include being in charge of reliability engineering, managing hiring, helping in the development of the Payboy's web application, assisting in the development of the Payboy's mobile application, and also developing and maintaining Payboy’s web infrastructure.

In June 2018, Henry left Payboy Pte to focus on Conjur technologies and eventually co-founded Switcheo in the process.

Conjur Technologies Pte Ltd

Henry Chua had been into Conjur Technologies since 2015, when he was about to or, had most likely just concluded his degree in the university. Conjur Technologies is also a software solutions company. He has been the director of Conjur Technologies from 2015 to date.

At Conjur Tech, henry develops and does research on -related solutions. He also manages the consultancy aspects of the firm and has reportedly delivered over 10 projects to clients from various industries.

Switcheo Network

Henry Chua became a co-founder for Switcheo Network. Switcheo is a non-custodial  network exchange built on multiple blockchains. The network supports the trading of digital assets on Ethereum, , and  blockchains. In Switcheo, Henry Chua is involved in developing core off-chain services and frontend user interface, and he is also involved in developing NEO , blockchain services, and involved in core operations and campaigns.

Social media

Henry Chua is having accounts on Linkedin and GitHub.[2][3]

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Henry Chua

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