Hiblocks is a blockchain-utilizing social media platform that aims to decentralize the current monetization system of social networks. As a novel concept blockchain project, HIBS provides value to users by reinventing the transparency of revenue sharing within social media platforms.[1]


Hiblocks is a blockchain-based social media curation platform that rewards its own users. By minimizing the sharing process, users can curate easily by sharing the contents from other platforms. Hi-Tokens are rewarded accordingly through various activities conducted on the platform.[2]

hiblocks amends the shortcomings of existing social media platforms by creating the virtuous cycle between platform providers, content providers, and content consumers.[3]

HIBS providers create an environment where users can focus on interacting on the platform; content providers creatokte and share more quality content; content consumers promote quality content consumption through the process of curation.[2]

hiblocks uses the hybrid Klaytn chain to manage personal information via the private side chains while the reward distribution data is open to the public blockchain for transparent viewing of ad revenue, advertisement impressions, and profit distribution.[3]

Hiblocks is a social media platform in which every user can become a curator or creator.[1]

  • Unlike current social media platforms, hiblocks provides a hub that can curate and display social media content from YouTube and Instagram.
  • This existing social content generates new traffic through hiblocks because it shares from content existing social networks, such as Youtube and Instagram. This win-win structure maximizes synergies rather than competing with other platforms.
  • HIBS have optimized the steps for curation activities; just paste and upload

Hiblocks is currently operating a social media curation platform called “HABL” with a special feature that enables profit-sharing with users by rewarding HIBS based on their activities in the app.[2]

HABL users are expected to be able to prove ownership and transfer ownership of digital content such as self-issued photos and videos, and space, a personal community in the app, through the issuance of NFT cards.[1]


  • Young Kim - CEO
  • Sanghoon Kil- COO, Co-Founder
  • Jiwon Shu
    • Co-Founder
  • Joseph Lee
    • Co-Founder
  • Sanghoon Han- Head Of Software Designer
  • Youngjoo Choi
    • Head Of Developer
  • Jeeyoung Yoon
    • Senior Developer
  • Junmo So
    • PRC Manager
  • Fedelia Pheny
    • Global Marketing Specialist
  • Jungwon Shu
    • Marketing Associate
  • Ariyanto Kusuma
    • Director Of IDN
  • Lisa Wang
    • Senior Marketing Manager
  • Hanjun Kim
    • Project Manager Of IDN
  • Heechul Jeon
    • Senior Strategy Manager
  • Jiho Jung
    • Strategy Specialist
  • Min Namgoong
    • Software Engineer
  • Dongwoo Lee
    • Software Engineer
  • Sanghyun Lim
    • Software Engineer
  • Haneul Lee
    • Software Engineer

HIBS Partnership

hiblocks and Elysia have officially formed a partnership to develop blockchain technology and marketing strategy in hands. hiblocks provides blockchain-based social media services, and Elysia operates a blockchain-based real estate micro-investment service platform. The two companies seek to solve common problems they encounter in the blockchain industry. Through this partnership, they also have several plans panned out in various fields that include providing technical support.[1]

hiblocks has formed a strategic business agreement with the blockchain-based sports career management platform WITH (WITH is a sports career management platform using blockchain technology that supports sports career development to athletes in the various sports category and provides information sharing along with exchanges with sports players, clubs, and agent fans around the world), focusing on marketing and e-commerce.[3]

hiblocks, who developed the social media curation platform “HABL,” has signed a partnership Block Odyssey (Block Odyssey is an integrated logistics platform that increases the security of product information using blockchain technology and electronic signature QR code technology, and adds reliability by transparently revealing the logistics process so the customers can track the distribution process).[2]

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