Humaniq is a banking application based on blockchain technology, available to both Android and iOS users. Its blockchain and biometric recognition-based mobile application is aimed at opening the banking world to a whole new generation of the unbanked population.[1]

Functioning on the Ethereum blockchain, it offers core banking operations along with third party service availability. These services are offered in the form of peer-to-peer lending, data security, loans, and more.[2]


Humaniq was founded in 2016 by Alex Fork and globally marketed in 2017. The design of the application is based on the idea of poverty upliftment and the emergence of a global economy.[3]

Furthering the agenda, Humaniq aims to target an audience of billions of unbanked individuals around the globe. It wants to help those who do not have access to even a bank account, let alone sophisticated investment and financial services, due to lack of stable income, funds and relevant.[2]

Humaniq utilises the fourth generation Ethereum blockchain to be able to function as a mobile bank. It has been partially modelled around PayPal’s growth concept. It pays the users for signing in, completing tasks and utilising the tokens to undertake complex trading activities and financial services like peer-to-peer trading, insurance purchase, lending, etc. The hybrid blockchain technology provides a financial infrastructure to the unbanked and underprivileged masses.[3]

The HMQ application is centred around an Ethereum blockchain protocol that provides added security and reduces the risk of criminal breach to the servers. It follows a decentralized mechanism to further disallow corruption and data theft. These features allow the independent flow of funds and act as an accelerator of inclusive growth.[3]

The platform has its focus on developing and underdeveloped nations as its target audience. It has received recognition from the UN for adopting such humanitarian grounds for business.[1]

One of the most prominent distinguishing features of the platform is its egalitarian emission mechanism. Humaniq allows each individual to mint only a limited number of coins. It boasts itself over a fair cryptocurrency platform.  [3]


Alex Fork - Founder, CEO

Serafima Semkina – CAO

Javed Khattak – CFO

Anton Mozgovoy – CTO

Segrey Blinov - SMM, CSS

Andriy Schechenko - Forum Administrator [1]

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