Ilan Rakhmanov

Ilan Rakhmanov is the CEO of and strategic advisor of , Decubate, GT-Protocol, and LitLab Games. He has experience in startups and entrepreneurship in the AI field. [1][2][4]


Ilan Rakhmanov served as the Chief Executive Officer of Gallas Hair Tools from 2018 to 2020. Under his leadership, the company achieved annual revenues ranging between $1.4 and $1.6 million. However, operations ceased in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Rakhmanov aimed to make salon-quality hair treatments accessible and affordable, prioritizing gentleness and nurturing for all hair types. [3]

Rakhmanov founded Modern Vacations, a company specializing in luxurious vacation rentals in the United States. Established in December 2019, Modern Vacations emphasizes high-end experiences in prime locations such as Marco Island, Florida, and Los Angeles, California. [3]

In September 2021, Rakhmanov founded Judea Labs. Under his leadership, Judea Labs specialized in developing innovative technological solutions, particularly in artificial intelligence. Rakhmanov's focus is on delivering exceptional results to clients, offering options such as full copyrights or white labeling services. [3] was a project founded by Rakhmanov in August 2022, based in Marco Island, Florida, United States. The platform aimed to automate news generation by utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) to scan the internet for news and create articles from scratch. [3]


Ilan Rakhmanov is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of ChainGPT AI since September 2022. In 2023, the company formed collaborations with industry leaders like TronDAO, , , and Decrypt. Recognized by Google Cloud, ChainGPT AI received a grant of $350,000 for its contributions to AI computing. [3]

Rakhmanov's roles as CEO, CMO, and CTO have been significant in leading a team of over 60 professionals and launching 8 technology products. Partnerships with over 70 Web3 entities have further established ChainGPT's presence in the industry. [3]

ChainGPT's utility token, CGPT, gained traction upon launch, with major exchanges including KuCoin, ByBit, and PancakeSwap adopting it. Rakhmanov's proudest achievement is ChainGPT's self-funding model, leading to profitability at an early stage—a noteworthy accomplishment. The company's growth has also led to the creation of offshoots like CGPT, ChainGPT Labs, and ChainGPT Pad. [3]

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Ilan Rakhmanov


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