Incognito is a collection consists of 10,000 randomly generated and unique characters living on the Ethereum  as ERC-721 tokens. [1]


The Incognito (ICON) project was created by collectors, artists, and professionals with the goal of bringing something unique and special to the NFT Community. Ownership includes full commercial and creative rights to ICONs, as well as access to our exclusive merch, community events, future mobile app, and much more. [2]

This collection consists of 10,000 unique “Incognitos,” randomly combined from tens of thousands of different possibilities. These NFTs live on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721 tokens.

All 10,000 NFTs are available for purchase, thereby expanding the opportunity to join the "Incognito NFT" community. All 10,000 NFTs are designed and created by Leonardo Fonseca, our Art Director & 3D artist. All physical rewards are created by the mentioned artists or companies. [5]


Incognito is an NFT collection issued on the Ethereum blockchain network. The technology is ERC721 Standard, and  & Wallet connect protocol support.

The minting process work by using any web browser with Metamask wallet or through any wallet that implements the wallet connect protocol (Trust Wallet, Exodus, Argent, Rainbow, etc)

  • Provenance Hash

For each Incognito image, content is hashed using SHA-256 algorithm. A combined string is obtained by concatenating SHA-256 of each one in a specific order. [7]

The final proof is obtained by SHA-256 hashing this combined string, finally, this is the provenance record stored on the smart contract. Each Incognito token ID is assigned to an artwork image from the initial sequence.

  • IPFS for metadata storage

IPFS stands for Interplanetary File System, a decentralized File Storage solution Once a file is stored in the IPFS it cannot be changed/altered/ destroyed/by anyone, not even the creator. [6]

3D Designs & Artwork

All incognitos were designed by led by Nuxer, a self-taught 3D Artist and creative junkie with tremendous skills and passion. If there is one thing users will be amazed by the collection, it's the amazing 3D models created by Leo. [4]

Over 500+ hours and two months of work went into the creation of all Incognito NFT artwork. The final result is an amazing combination of quality, attractiveness, and overall amazing 3D models.[3]

Notable Sales

wikiThe community of Incognito NFTs have made several distinct sales with the quality and rarity of art presented in the NFT market. The Incognito #761 stands out as the current most notable , selling out for 42.788025 WETH ($57,215.72) on the 4th of September 2021 on marketplace.


  • August 2021

Discord & Twitter Sales bot launch, Discord Community & Website Rarity tool introduced, Floor buy-back - Incognito Community Vault filled up, $25,000 ETH PFP Giveaway! (Once sell out), Website Gallery & Details page launch, OpenSea connection with a website to view floor prices and other details, Both hoodie and hat rewards will be sent to NFT holders, New York City surprise!, Metaverse plans will be revealed and work on a few secret projects will start, Go Incognito Profile Portal page will launch + 6k resolution images will be available for download, 3D Interactive and Animations will be announced and a few will be made available., Season 1 - Vol 1. Merch announcement, and $10k Community giveaway/event

  • September 2021

Metaverse announcements, airdrops, reveals, meetups, and much more, Custom Pendant Giveaway!, All 3D Interactive & Animated files will be available for download, Female Companions, $10k Community giveaway/event. Vol 1. Merch Release. (Incognito Members Only - Limited Editions). Official Professional Print service available for the community, Liquidity pool announcement, Real-world meetup!, All sculptures and paintings to be distributed, and First professional metal prints giveaway

  • October 2021

Space launch! (Yes, real launch to space), 3D Printing files will be available for all Incognito holders, Vol 2. Merch Release. (Incognito Members Only - Limited Editions), Unexpected New Friends, $10k Community giveaway/event, Second professional metal prints giveaway, and Possible mobile app announcement.

  • November 2021

Physical Collectibles - Future partnership. Vol. 3 Merch Release. (Some Members Only & Public Merch), $10k Community giveaway/event, Possible partnerships with big-name companies, Possible mobile app launch or beta testing, More coming soon...

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