Jack Tan

Jack Tan is the co-founder of Kronos Research and , a deep liquidity network connecting traders, exchanges, institutions, and  platforms with access to liquidity and trading execution. [1][2]


Jack Tan attended Carnegie Mellon University - Tepper School of Business and earned a Business degree in 2006. [1]


Jack Tan started trading at age 14, which led him to become a Fixed Income Analyst at BNP Paribas from June 2006 to December 2007. In October 2008, he became the VP - Pricing and Strategy at Citi. In 2010, Jack moved to Deutsche Bank where he began as a Credit Structuring Associate, and ended as an Assistant VP of the Global Investment Group of the company until May 2016. [1]

Kronos Research

In June 2018, Jack Tan co-founded Kronos Research alongside . Kronos Research is a quantitative trading organization focused on market creation, high-frequency trading (HFT), and arbitrage. It is a globally recognized trading organization worldwide with a daily trading volume of about US$5 billion across global markets. [1]

Kronos Research also serves as the sole market maker on the  trading platform. It is an authorized market maker for exchanges such as , and , and plays a significant role as a market maker for the decentralized exchange . [3]

Jack Tan leverages relationships with leading investors, partners, and technologists to identify and capture trends in the space. He oversees discretionary and long-term trading, business strategy, and partnerships for Kronos Research. [3]

"Our original idea for Kronos Research was to offer a level playing field for the average person. To build tools so that traders and investors can be more successful" - Jack Tan on the reason behind building Kronos Research[4]

WOO Network

In 2019, the Kronos Research organization (owned by Jack Tan and ) incubated . WOO Network is a  liquidity network that bridges traders, exchanges, institutions, and  platforms. [2]

The splits most of its services between WOO X, a centralized exchange (CEX), and WOOFi, a  (DEX) and  platform. WOO Network offers WOO Trade for institutional clients, allowing partner exchanges to integrate WOO Network's liquidity into their services via API.

"WOO was born in the middle of a bear market when we started raising money. Most of the people who got into crypto in 2017, early 2018 already left. All the scam blew out because people took too much risk and didn't understand this stuff."

"So our original way of sustaining ourselves was to offer market making services, to do discretionary trading, to try to generate enough money to build the infrastructure that we needed. That infrastructure is Kronos Research and the moment Kronos was a little bit stable we created the WOO Network" - Jack Tan on the origin of Kronos Research & WOO Network.[4]

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Jack Tan

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