OKX formerly known as OKEx, is a Seychelles-based   and derivatives exchange. It offers basic trading including spot and simple options, and derivatives including margin, futures, perpetual swaps, and options. Other products include trading bots, block trading, OKX Earn (savings, , DeFi, , 2.0, etc.), crypto loans, and Jumpstart, the exchange's launchpad. [1]

OKX also has its own native blockchain — OKX Chain[21] and native token — , which allows builders and projects to deploy and developers to use infrastructure like OKX  and more. [1]


OKX (formerly OKEx) is a subsidiary of OKCoin owned by OK Group. The company was founded by back in 2013 and the exchange was launched in 2017. It is headquartered in Seychelles.

is a Chinese entrepreneur. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Applied Physics from the University of Science and Technology Beijing. is the CEO of OK Group. joined OKX as their CEO in November 2018. He is a tech veteran and seasoned industry leader with a background in engineering.[2]


On April 11, 2018, OKX declared its expansion into Malta due to the country's effort to offer a reliable regulatory environment for enterprises and digital asset . [3]

In May 2018, OKX's former CEO Chris Lee resigned just as the exchange became the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange by reported turnover. Lee left for personal reasons, to "start a new life" [4][22]

In June 2018, the platform became one of the largest exchanges to launch and offer a cryptocurrency exchange white label service, where applicants must have solid industry experience and $2.5 million in their accounts. [5]


In November 2019, OKX said that they previously opened their Indian Telegram group a year before opening their Indian operations. The company also announced 4 major partners (Ledger, Aliniex, Bvnex, and Cryptomall) for its global utility token "". [6]


According to Reuters, in February 2021 OKX saw its biggest trading volume in history, up 26% from the previous month to $188 billion. [7]


In January 2022, OKEx rebranded to OKX

“OKX is moving beyond the standard centralized exchange model to give our customers an end-to-end cryptocurrency experience, Most importantly, we’re doing this while upholding the core principles of crypto — decentralization, and autonomy. Our goal is to give customers the tools they need to easily and securely earn, transfer, and spend their wealth as they see fit, without intermediation from us. We’ve dropped the “E” from our name because we’re so much more than an exchange, just like crypto is so much more than a speculative asset.”

said , CEO of OKX. [8]

In March 2022, OKX rejected calls to ban Russian crypto trading. [9] In the same month, football team Manchester City F.C. announced a partnership with OKX as their official cryptocurrency partner.[10][14]

In May 2022, OKX signed a sponsorship deal with McLaren Racing[23] as a primary partner [11]

“We are thrilled to announce this primary partnership with OKX ahead of the Miami GP. In a rapidly evolving field, OKX is a long-established crypto brand that brings innovation, analytics and accuracy to accomplish great things"

said Zak Brown, CEO of McLaren Racing.

In November 2022, OKX expanded to the Bahamas with new registration and regional office. The crypto exchange registered as a Digital Asset Business in the Bahamas and formed a subsidiary, OKX Bahamas. [15]

In the middle of December 2022, the space was amazed by another step of Twitter boss , who suddenly started following the account of the OKX exchange founded by on Twitter. OKB soared immediately from $22.97 to $24.15 with the trading volume showing an increase as well, adding around $3 million. [25]


On January 16, 2024, OKX Middle East Fintech FZE, the Dubai-based affiliate of OKX received regulatory approval from Dubai’s Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority (VARA). This authorization allows OKX to extend its crypto services to retail clients alongside its existing offerings for institutional customers. VARA granted OKX Middle East a Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP) license, specifically designed for exchange services. [39]

“The future of digital assets and capital markets lies in the hands of regulated entities, and Dubai, along with VARA, has succeeded in establishing a distinctive environment that fosters the growth of Virtual Asset Service Providers. The MENA region holds immense potential to become a hub of excellence for Web3 and virtual assets. We eagerly anticipate the chance to further enhance the already flourishing ecosystem throughout the region.” - Rifad Mahasneh , OKX General Manager for the MENA Region


is the global utility token of the cryptocurrency exchange OKX. aims to link potential digital asset projects to OKX users and professional investors, establishing an OKX ecosystem that fosters the development of and the digital asset sector. It is the native exchange token of OKX that provides discounts on trading fees, access to the OK Jumpstart initial exchange offering (IEO) platform[24], and voting rights for tokens to be listed on the exchange.


OKC (OKChain) is an EVM & IBC-compatible, Layer-1 blockchain network, and platform built on Cosmos offering high-performance capabilities and low cost for . It is backed by OKX - the exchange and is suitable for DeFi protocols, , and other Metaverse applications.[21]


OKT is OKChain’s native token that acts as the base token for OKChain’s DPoS (Delegated Proof of Stake) consensus and supports the development of OKChain. [26]

Liquid Staking on OKC

OKT Liquid Staking is a liquidity staking solution on the OKC Chain. Launched on December 20, 2022, OKT liquid staking allows users to earn OKT staking funds without having to participate in the maintenance of the infrastructure, and enables them to trade staking positions, as well as use staking assets to participate in on-chain decentralized finance. OKC users can stake OKT to receive rewards of up to 40% APR through OKC Liquid Staking. [27][38]

"Liquid Staking is a key element of our vision for promoting decentralization and creating more opportunities for OKX users. Not only does Liquid Staking add liquidity and utility of assets, but it also plays an important role in boosting the on-chain TVL and ecosystem development. We are thrilled to see Liquid Staking grow in parallel with other OKC's DeFi products, and lay the foundation for future advanced protocols on chain" -

- Chai Li, Head of OKC Ecosystem Development. [28]


stOKT is a KIP20 token that represents the account's share of the total amount of OKT staked on OKT Liquid Staking. It is an immutable token, and the value of the token is subject to change over time because the staking funds received from staking OKT are not constant. [27]


Earn on OKX offers a range of investment options to generate interest on assets, including Staking, Loan, and third-party DeFi services. [30]


Staking is a way to earn rewards by locking assets in (PoS) networks. The rewards are determined by the ratio of the staked amount to the total staked amount, and staking helps to run the network and participate in its governance. [29]

Dual Investment

Dual Investment allows users to maximize their profits by choosing a major pair to trade (e.g., - USDT, - USDT). Once subscribed, users can obtain steady returns in either of the cryptocurrencies, depending on their target price. On the date of expiration, buyers will receive the crypto they invest in if the target price is reached. Otherwise, they will have their back, along with their interests. Likewise, sellers will receive their returns in stablecoins if they reach the target price at expiration, or have their crypto back, along with the interest. [31]

Flash Deals

Flash Deals on OKX are exclusive Earn offers with high rewards and low risks. Flash Deals have limited terms and amounts and appear on an irregular basis. [32]

Fixed Income

OKX's Fixed Income provides users with the opportunity to invest in loans and achieve stable and secure returns. Users can choose from a variety of currency types and loan periods based on their individual risk preferences. Fixed Income also ensures the security of assets while providing an outlet for idle assets. [33]

OKX Wallet

OKX Wallet is a Web3 wallet that provides access to DeFi, GameFi, , and associated services in the OKX Web3 ecosystem and beyond. It enables users to create, trade, and generate passive income. OKX Wallet’s most basic function is a simple Web3 wallet to manage the crypto asset keys. [34][35][36]

OKX NFT Marketplace

OKX NFT Marketplace is a decentralized Marketplace running across , , OKC, , BNB Chain, , Immutable X, , , , and . Users can create and trade NFTs across these different and platforms. [37]



is the global utility token of the cryptocurrency exchange OKX. aims to link potential digital asset projects to OKX users and professional investors, establishing an OKX ecosystem that fosters the development of and the digital asset sector. [24]

Use Cases

OKB token holders are categorized into two groups based on their holdings: Normal and VIP.
Benefits for token holders include:

  • Discounts on trading fees: Active traders can receive discounts of up to 25% on trading fees by holding OKB tokens within a sub-account.
  • Access to the OK Jumpstart Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) platform: OKB token holders gain access to investment opportunities in token sales of projects listed on the OK Jumpstart IEO platform.
  • Voting rights: Token holders are granted the ability to vote on tokens for listing on the OKX exchange.
  • Staking rewards: Users who stake OKB tokens receive additional tokens as rewards.
  • Passive income opportunities: OKX users can utilize OKX Earn, enabling OKB holders to earn interest on their savings.
  • Token burn: Thirty percent of the OKX spot trading fees income is allocated to buying back and burning OKB tokens from the circulating supply.[40]


OKB, the native utility token of OKX, was introduced in collaboration with the OK Blockchain Foundation. It boasts a total supply of 300,000,000 OKB, allocated as follows:

  • user incentives, ecosystem development, and marketing: 60%
  • team motivation: 20%
  • shareholders: 10%
  • operations of the OK Blockchain Foundation: 10%[40]


On February 24, 2018, the Dongguan Public Security Bureau officially opened a criminal case against OKX for possible "illegal futures trading" or, more seriously, "fraud". [12]

On March 10, 2018, Sylvain Ribes[13], a trader and investor, published an article titled Chasing fake volume: a crypto-plague, in which he concluded from an analysis of publicly available data that approximately 93% of trading volume on OKX was faked. [13]

On September 5, 2018, the exchange experienced problems such as app flashbacks, inability to log into the platform, and inability to view contracts. Subsequently, many investors crowded Beijing, where the institution was headquartered at the time, to defend their rights. On the evening of the 10th of the same month, the founder of the exchange, , was summoned by the Shanghai public security authorities to assist in the investigation of alleged digital currency fraud. [16][17]

In October 2020 OKX temporarily suspended withdrawals following its founder's alleged arrest. On November 19, 2020, OKX announced that withdrawals would reopen and will resume on or before November 27. [18][19][20]

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