Mark Pimentel

Mark Pimentel is the Co-Founder of Kronos Research & , a deep liquidity network connecting traders, exchanges, institutions, and  platforms with access to liquidity and trading execution. [1][2]


Mark Pimentel attended Hunter College High School in New York City from 1996 to 2002. He completed a Bachelor's degree with two majors - Electrical & Computer Engineering and Business Administration and a Master's degree in Electrical & Computer Engineering in 3.5 years by taking on double the normal course load (2002-2006). [2]


Mark Pimental began his career in June 2006 as a Quantitative Researcher at Citadel. In June 2008, he became the Vice President of Knight Capital Group. From October 2011, he was a Director at Eladian Partners until October 2012. [2]

He joined the Quantitative Research team for Radix Trading LLC in 2013 where he was involved in all areas of trading, research & development (C++). In November 2017, he was the Head of Trading at EverMarkets, a company that built a decentralized platform for trading stock, bond, and commodity futures on the . [2]

Kronos Research

Mark Pimentel and co-founded Kronos Research in June 2018, a quantitative trading organization focused on market creation, high-frequency trading (HFT), and arbitrage. With a daily trading volume of about US$5 billion across global markets, Kronos Research is a recognized trading organization worldwide. [4]

Additionally, Kronos Research serves as the sole market maker on the trading platform. It is also an authorized market maker for exchanges such as , , and , and plays a significant role as a market maker for the decentralized exchange . [3]

Mark Pimentel is primarily focused on developing HFT trading algorithms and providing guidance on the advancement of trading technology at Kronos Research. [4]

WOO Network

In September 2019, Kronos Research organization (owned by Mark Pimentel and ) incubated WOO Network. WOO Network is a liquidity network that bridges traders, exchanges, institutions, and platforms. [1][2]

The WOO Network splits most of its services between WOO X, a centralized exchange (CEX), and WOOFi, a (DEX) and platform. WOO Network offers WOO Trade for institutional clients, allowing partner exchanges to integrate WOO Network's liquidity into their services via API.

When asked in an interview[5] about the idea behind building a liquidity network, Mark responded:

"My partner and I decided let's build Kronos Research, let's be one of the top traders in the space, connect to as many exchanges as possible, build a really strong trading team just so we could understand the cryptocurrency dynamic and landscape really well"

"Once we did that we started getting approached to create a system where these exchanges could come and trade with us."

"And so the idea of WOO Trade was born and the idea was that we would essentially create a platform such that initially we could have we could supply liquidity to many exchanges in a model that they could connect with our excess liquidity initially and later on with liquidity that we would supply to them" - Mark Pimentel [5]

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Mark Pimentel


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