Jeremy Fall

Jeremy Fall is a celebrity restaurateur and the creator of , a web3 culture studio. He has launched multiple restaurants across Los Angeles and Chicago, with his recipes and restaurants featured on national television programs, such as Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, Guy’s Big Project, Going Off the Menu, Home & Family, and Food Network Start. He was nominated 30 Under 30 in the category of Food and Drink in 2020. [1][2]

Early Life & Education

Jeremy Fall is a first-generation American, whose parents are from Tunisia and France. He grew up in Los Angeles, where he helped manage a cafe that he, his mother, and stepfather lived above, which allowed him to get involved with food and hospitality until he was 16 years old. [3]

“I have always loved the context around food, more than food itself, which got me thinking how I could do food and restaurants my own way.”

He studied at Occidental College, where he later dropped out from. [2]


At 24 years old, Fall had opened three bars around Los Angeles: Genesis, Golden Box, and King Eddy Saloon. Two years later, he opened his first restaurant Nighthawk: Breakfast Bar, which was afterwards recognized as one of the “Hottest Bars from Coast to Coast” and appeared in multiple movies. Taking what he learned in the world of food and hospitality, he stepped into the world of entertainment and branding. [3]

“You’re using food as a cultural unifier for people to come together, which allows you to (essentially) do anything you want with it as a base. For me, that’s when I started telling people that I wasn’t actually in the restaurant/food business anymore – I was in the brand and entertainment business.”

He has partnered as the chef and restaurateur with entertainment companies such as Roc Nation and Grammy-winning artists like Miguel. During his first series Beats for Breakfast, aired on Facebook Watch, he was featured cooking recipes in each episode, while Miguel was making music next to him at the same time. [3]

“Miguel would make a beat, and we’d make a breakfast dish. The show was really to highlight the parallel between how things are constructed between producing music and producing food.”

Probably Nothing

Fall launched as a way to bring together web2 and web3, thus focusing on web2.5. [1]

“Web3 is a really beautiful concept, but I do not believe it will ever be possible, as it’s currently defined. I don’t think we need to erase Web2, but instead, pivot to finding the best of both worlds – Web 2.5, where these major brands can help give the Web3 space the resources it and its users need to grow that economy.”

After eight months of launching, Probably Nothing positioned itself as one of the top of the industry brands. Even though it is a centralized brand, it has been able to grow due to “its ability to employ a full-time team on payroll, while simultaneously providing its community access through free mints, utility, and not leaving people high-and-dry.”[1]

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Jeremy Fall

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