Probably Nothing

Probably Nothing is a web3 culture studio with the purpose of mass adoption of web3 and the safe and secure onboarding of people into the space. It was created in 2022 by celebrity restaurateur . [2]

Probably Nothing x Jarritos

Probably Nothing, collaborated with the Mexican soda brand Jarritos to release a Valentine's Day NFT collection. The collection, titled "," consisted of 14 pieces of art that drew inspiration from the colors of Jarritos' nostalgic soda flavors and traditional Mexican culture.

Probably A Label

Partnering with Warner Records, the brand announced the launch of its own native record label known as “Probably A Label”. Plans of creating an NFT Label Pass that will have the dual functionality of being a platform for artists to release music while leveraging its main function, Studio A, which is an incubator to help holders’ IP be established. [1]
wikiStudio A will allow label’s partners to select holders and pitches for any ideas specific to a certain project’s intellectual property, so if someone holds a part of the IP from an approved project, Warner Records and Probably Nothing will aid the holder to materialize their idea. [1]

The initially approved projects include BAYC, , Stickmen Toys, Photosynthesis, , Women and Weapons, , and Degen Toonz. [1]

wikiProbably Nothing x Vault by CNN

On February 11, 1990, archived CNN footage of Nelson Mandela's release from his prison cell on Robben Island was debuted by Vault by CNN, which collaborated with Probably Nothing. [3]

“This is very much in line with what Probably Nothing is trying to do – showing people that this technology is not just PFPs and art – you could own a piece of history.” - Jeremy Fall, creator of Probably Nothing

The founder of Probably Nothing created the artwork for the drop, which included utilizing artificial intelligence (A.I.), drawings, and photography to recreate Mandela's prison cell. The purpose was to commemorate Mandela's release from Robben Island 22 years ago. To achieve this, Fall repurposed a photo of the jail cell on Robben Island, using it to represent the person he believed Mandela was. [3]

“The bars looking out into a flower garden represent Mandela’s never-ending hope. The shoes represent when he was released and wore a suit, as seen in the iconic CNN footage. The use of blue throughout the piece represents freedom and inspiration.”

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Probably Nothing

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