Fourteen Twenty-Three

Fourteen Twenty-Three is an collaboration between Jarritos, a Mexican soda company, and , a web3 creative studio. Based on the chain, the collection commemorates Valentine’s Day, and it consists of 14 digital collectibles based on artwork inspired by Mexican Culture. [1][2]


The collection includes skulls, hearts, alebrijes, and other elements from Mexican culture. Holders of the have the opportunity to redeem exclusive merchandise curated by both brands, which include a jacket, an alebrije toy, and a physical print. [2]

The NFTs were available to be minted on during 48 hours, starting on February 14th, 2023, at 8am PST. In order to collect their physical collectibles, holders had to burn either two, seven, or ten of their tokens within a lapse of 48 hours. Depending on the number of burned NFTs, the claimable collectible would be determined. [1][2]
wiki, the creator of Probably Nothing and director of the project, spoke about his personal significance in relation to the collaboration. [1]

“I grew up in downtown Los Angeles, drinking Jarritos and eating from local taco trucks. I’ve always loved how authentic Jarritos has remained to its brand and how in tune with the culture they are. Everything they do feels exactly the same as it did when I was a kid, despite their exponential growth. Collaborating on this project was really exciting and meaningful.”

Burning Mechanics

If two items are burned, each person will receive a 24" x 36" museum-quality physical print of a chosen artwork from the collections. The same print will be given to everyone. In case of burning 7 items, an exclusive 3d-printed Jarritos x Probably Nothing Alebrije figurine will be given, and in case of burning 10 items, the user will get a Jarritos x Probably Nothing jacket. [3]

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Fourteen Twenty-Three

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