Jesse Eisses

Jesse Eisses is the Co-founder of the , a decentralized GPU (graphics processing unit) grid that allows anyone to contribute spare computing power for AI users. [1][2][3]


Jesse Eisses studied at the University of Amsterdam earning his Bachelor's degree in Artificial Intelligence in 2014. Following this, he also studied for his Master's degree in AI at the same university and graduated in 2017. [4][1]


Jesse Eisses started his career as a Software Engineer at Itsavirus building digital platforms for clients globally from March 2011 to July 2015. In 2015, he moved to the role of Technical Lead MyAdbooker serving as the lead architect of the Real-Time Bidding platform. In 2016, he became the Lead Developer at Itsavirus until September 2017. [1]

In 2017, he was a Machine Learning Specialist at 3DUniversum doing research & development of Deep Learning Pipeline for Computer Vision. [1]

Effect Network

In September 2017, Jesse co-founded Effect Network, an Amsterdam-based company working on a decentralized network for Artificial Intelligence and AI-related services on the [5][6]

Effect.AI's main objective is to build a platform to stimulate AI development and the creation of various AI services. The platform offers the freedom, accessibility, and ease of use that is required for the ethical and democratic development and distribution of Artificial Intelligence services worldwide. [5][6]


In 2021, Jesse co-founded the . The Nosana Network is a decentralized GPU (graphics processing unit) grid powered by the blockchain that allows anyone to contribute spare computing power and earn rewards in the form of the $NOS token. It provides affordable GPU resources for running AI workloads without the overhead of traditional cloud solutions. [2]

started as a decentralized crowd computer specialized in CPU computations which focused on transforming CI/CD (Continuous Integration/ Continuous Deployment) practices but the platform pivoted in October 2023 to focus on providing a massive GPU-compute grid for AI inference. The platform provides AI users with affordable GPUs (graphics processing units) and GPU owners with an income. GPU owners can rent their GPUs to AI users, who in turn can access powerful hardware and train and use their models faster. [2][7]

"We were basically going to create a decentralized cloud computer so people could do software automation in a decentralized way. We were specifically focusing on ci/cd
which is the automation where developers basically compile, build, and deploy their software" — Jesse Eisses on the genesis of Nosana[11]

Following the pivot, in November 2023, Nosana announced the launch of Nosana’s Incentivized Test Grid — a multi-phase program set to further power the AI revolution by providing an opportunity for anyone to participate in the GPU-compute grid for AI inference. [8]

"The Test Grid marks an important milestone on our journey, paving the way for Nosana’s Mainnet launch. By combining a diversity of GPUs from different stakeholders into our first compute grid, we will be able to measure and finetune the network’s performance and improve its features. This is a step towards providing decentralized cloud infrastructure, freeing users from the lock-in of cloud providers, and guiding them to the opportunities Nosana presents" — stated Jesse Eisses[8]

The Nosana ecosystem is fueled by $NOS, its native token. This digital asset is utilized in the Nosana marketplace for different services, such as running CI/CD (Continuous Integration/ Continuous Deployment) for development projects, paying fees for purchasing GPU power on the network, to earn rewards and validate, and participating in governance votes that determine how network resources are allocated. [9][10]

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Jesse Eisses

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