Jules Urbach

Jules Urbach is the Founder and CEO of OTOY. OTOY is the parent company of , a distributed GPU rendering network built on top of the . [1][3]

Early Life & Education

Jules Urbach was born and raised in the French countryside west of Paris (near Versailles) until age 9 when he moved to LA. In LA he attended Harvard-Westlake high school before being accepted to Harvard University. However, he decided to defer his acceptance to Harvard (indefinitely as it turned out) to make video games. [2][7]


Jules Urbach made his first game, Hell Cab - Time Warner Interactive, at age 18. Six years after he created Hell Cab, he founded Groove Alliance. Groove Alliance ended up creating the first game ever available on (Real Pool). [2]


OTOY was founded in 2008 by Jules Urbach (Founder & CEO) and Malcolm Taylor (Co-Founder & CTO). OTOY is a software company that specializes in cloud graphics, streaming, and rendering technology. Their products include OctaneRender, a GPU-based rendering engine known for its photorealistic capabilities, and ORBX, a file format, and ecosystem for distributing and rendering 3D content. [4]

They also offer services like OTOY Render and OctaneRender Cloud, which leverage cloud computing for scalable rendering solutions. OTOY's focus is on advancing computer graphics and providing creative professionals with advanced rendering tools. [4]

Render Network

is the child company of OTOY and it was founded by Jules Urbach in 2016. The network is a blockchain-based platform designed for the 3D rendering industry. It utilizes decentralized computing power to offer a solution for processing complex 3D graphics and animations. By leveraging a distributed network of computers, Render Network aims to improve the efficiency of rendering tasks compared to traditional centralized rendering farms. [5]

platform operates on the  , utilizing  for transparent transactions. It allows artists, designers, and content creators to submit rendering jobs for processing by the decentralized network. The whitepaper[6] of Render Token was published on August 28, 2017. [5]

" The genesis of OTOY is from the idea of providing a bridge between what would be even better than the current highest-end rendering you could do."[7]

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Jules Urbach


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