Kaby Arena

Kaby Arena (founded in 2021) is a play-to-earn game launched on the [1][2]

In the game, players use heroes and equipment to battle both each other and enemies across a variety of game modes while collecting and upgrading their team. [7]

By progressing through the various game modes, players can earn in-game drops and resources, as well as a variety of other prizes for competing in different events. These rewards can either be kept improving in-game performance or sold off to generate an income stream. [7]


Kaby Arena is a role-playing game (RPG) based on blockchain technology. The game does not require an initial investment.

Game players can earn Hero and game gear while playing the game and can eventually mint these items by paying a small fee to make it their own.

Kaby Arena has a large target market. They provide a friendly platform for anyone including non-cryptocurrency users to play games. They have an integrated in-game mechanic that rewards game players who invest time in researching and thoroughly understanding the market. [5]


Kaby Arena is a Turn-based RPG game inspired by games such as Summoner Wars and Final Fantasy. To progress in the game, players will collect heroes, resources, and loot-boxes through playing PvE Campaign mode or PvP Arena mode against other players.


There are currently just two PvE playable zones in the beta, which are Bamboo Forest and The Roof. Each zone is associated with a certain race, and finishing all 10 levels in one region (on Easy level) unlocks the door to the next region.
More playable areas will be added after the beta's participants' success has been accessed.
Heroes' selection: If a hero has five stars or more, selecting him or her in the Leader position will activate their racial talent.
At the beginning, each player has 24 Energy. PvE nodes have a battle cost of 1 Energy, and by default, energy recharges by 1 Energy point every 60 minutes. For each NFT hero the player has in their wallet, the recharge time is cut by 1 minute.


Kaby Team plans for a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) in October 2021 for purchasers of the  (NFTs) to have a preview of their heroes in-game. F2P players also have the opportunity to try free non-NFT heroes to have a demo match. PvE Campaign Mode and PvP Arena mode will come live in November and December respectively.

Heroes Uniqueness

Each hero has unique stats and abilities, making them NFTs mintable. Each hero is one of the 5 elements: Wind, Fire, Water, Light, Darkness. For example, Wind heroes will have advantage playing versus Fire heroes, Light and Darkness heroes will deal more damage to each other.

KABY Tokens

Kaby Arena governance token is KABY and its total supply is Below are the use cases:[4]

  • Main currency
  • Open treasure chests
  • Exchange for resources or in-game upgrades
  • Mint NFT from free heroes
  • Buy/rent Non-Fungible Token (NFT) assets
  • Wage on PvP battles
  • Staking for interest [6]

Assets Staking & Renting


  • Kaby Arena will eventually release various staking vaults allowing token stakes to earn multiple rewards.
  • Players can stake their KABY tokens or LP tokens for passive income.
  • Players can stake their Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) for loot-boxes, the higher the price of their NFTs the higher the rarity of their loot-boxes.


  • Owners of NFTs can put their unused assets for rent to generate better income.
  • Players who want to experience strong NFTs but cannot afford them may rent the NFTs for a period of time.
  • Renting with collateral: The transaction can be made directly peer-to-peer between players via a smart contract. However, the renter has to deposit an amount equal to the value of the NFT.R
  • Renting without collateral: They will take part in the transaction as a trusted 3rd party. With this method, no collateral will be needed, making it easier for Free-to-play players to experience the powerful NFTs.

NFTs Minting

Every hero in Kaby Arena is unique and can be minted into NFTs or are Non-Fungible Token (NFT) themselves. Unlike traditional NFTs games, they give out free non-NFT heroes for all players at the beginning of the game. These free heroes are unique, and players can mint them into NFTs at any point of time using Kaby tokens. This design will solve the problem of the high initial costs for players. They have the choice of minting only their strongest heroes instead of paying for each and every mediocre hero.

Free-to-Play Progress

In Kaby Arena, a player can start completely free and earn their way to the very top of the game. Here is the example progress of a 100% Free-to-play player:

  • Player starts the game and receives free non-Non-Fungible Token (NFT) heroes through the tutorial.
  • By playing the game in PvE or PvP mode, the player receives equipment and loot-boxes of various rarity.
  • The player can sell these items on the marketplace for KABY tokens.
  • Strong and profitable NFTs can be minted using KABY tokens and put on auction or to trade directly with other players.
  • The player can participate in the periodical tournaments and events hosted by Kaby game studio to win prizes & awards.
  • The player can wage against other players in PvP mode to win more tokens.

This creates a sustainable economic cycle for F2P players, without a large upfront investment.

Kaby Assets

Kaby Non-NFT Heroes

  • Not token.
  • Free reward from PvE mode
  • Untradable
  • Can be ascended to NFT Heroes using Kaby token

Kaby NFT Heroes

  • ERC 721 token
  • Can evolve through battles
  • Can be sold/bought on the Kaby marketplace or any other Non-Fungible Token (NFT) markets

Kaby Equipments

  • ERC 1155 token.
  • Rewarded from PvE
  • Generated by opening treasure chests
  • Can be sold/bought on the Kaby marketplace


Kaby Arena Partnership with Rikkei Finance

Rikkei Finance (RIFI), an Open Lending System with three key features—Cross-chain compatibility, NFT lending, and P2P insurance—and Kaby Arena have announced a new relationship.
By launching RIFI United, its first soccer management game, together with the in-game $RU /ru/ token using FAIR LAUNCH, Rikkei Finance is taking a giant step toward the development of its next NFT lending product. With the Play to Earn feature alone, RIFI United offers more than simply entertainment. For more information about the gameplay of RIFI United, go HERE.
Collaboration between Kaby Arena and RIFI will benefit the gaming industry and its advancements as well as give all users access to upcoming cross-staking and cross-NFT initiatives.Through this alliance, Kaby Arena will also have access to the unique elements of the Rikkei Finance ecosystem. By advancing one another's ideas, this support will attract potential investors and users to both platforms.
Kaby Arena Community will have the chance to acquire a unique RIFI United whitelisting for NFT and RU token sales at the most affordable price as RIFI's partner.

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Kaby Arena

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