Kleros is an open source online dispute resolution protocol which uses and crowdsourcing to fairly adjudicate disputes. Development efforts are coordinated by Coopérative Kleros, a Société Coopérative d’Intérêt Collectif (SCIC) incorporated in France. All research and code development are open source and free for anyone to use. Kleros is a peer-to-peer justice system that aims to solve disputes of the Internet age. It contains a decision-making protocol that uses technology () and crowdsourcing elements to adjudicate claims.[1][2]

It works as a dispute resolution system to decentralize arbitration disputes. It relies on game theory incentives for jurors to rule cases correctly and is enforced by .[3]


Kleros is an online dispute resolution platform that leverages and crowdsourcing to provide an efficient resolution system for a number of frequent consumer disputes in areas such as e-commerce, collaborative economy and others. Kleros’ potential also includes content curation for applications such as fake news detection and fighting hate speech online, as well as oracle applications with the potential to secure a large number of contracts in insurance and finance.

Kleros has produced three live Dapps with real users on a limited budget. Kleros is regarded as a well-known and respected Ethereum project, having demonstrated the highest degree of effective management and development in delivering their roadmap promises. Kleros can greatly contribute to justice inclusion in consumer disputes and enable a safer and more equal commerce environment throughout the EU. Just as Bitcoin is bringing banking for the unbanked, the Kleros promise is to bring justice inclusion for the “unjusticed”.[4][5][6]


Kleros's name is etymologically derived from kleroterion, an allotment in from klerostocracy. In Ancient Greek times, Athenian trials were conducted by a large body of citizens. They each inserted a pinakion into a slot of the kleroterion, which determined which candidates in the pool had jury duty.

Partnership & Investors

Some of the organizations in partnership with Kleros are: DeversiFi, MarketProtocol, Ink protocol, Winding Tree, Blue Frontiers, Alice, European Commission.


Currently Kleros has 16 team members:

Federico Ast -CEO & Co-founder

Clément Lesaege - CTO & Co-Founder

Sam Vitello - Dapp Developer

Stuart James - Ops Director

William George - crypto economics Researcher

Addison Huegel – PR

Damjan Malbasic - Comms Lead

Ferit Tuncer - Dapp Dev

Danil Dimitrikov - Dapp Dev

Laurence Zhang - Moderator / Ambassador

Laurence Zhang - Moderator / Ambassador

Matheus Alencar - Dapp Dev

Plinio Braga - Design Lead

Tobias Glemming - Moderator / Ambassador[7][8]

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