Koinos is a blockchain technology designed from the ground up to give developers the tools they need to deliver a good user experiences through unrivaled upgradeability and scalability.[1][2]


Modular Upgradeability

Koinos features a new blockchain technology called "modular upgradeability" that enables the protocol to rapidly improve itself to meet the ever-changing needs of developers and their users


Koinos features yet another innovation called "state-paging" that will make using the blockchain far more affordable by removing old and unused data from the chain while retaining the ability to bring it back to life as if it had never left, like magic.[3][4]

Understanding Proof Frequency

The Koinos Token Mining smart contract can be thought of as a marketplace. In this marketplace, the vendor has KOIN and would like to trade said KOIN for hashes. Using the Koinos Miner, anyone can create hashes using electricity and the computational power of their CPU. Every time a user visits the market place, you are charged an entry fee (Ethereum Transaction Fee) to do business there.

Therefore, visiting the marketplace less often (Lower Proof Frequency) with more hashes to trade results in a lower amount of total marketplace fees.

Users can also visit the marketplace more often (Higher Proof Frequency) to trade whatever hashes they've created thus far in order to have less variance in their KOIN returns. Visiting the marketplace more frequently results in a greater amount of total marketplace entry fees (Ethereum Transaction Fees) than they otherwise may have if they waited and made less visits with more hashes.[5]

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