MekaVerse is a  (NFT) collection of 8,888 generative Mekas inspired by the Japanese Mecha universes.[2][3]


Each artwork is original, with its own color palette and creation. The objective was to make each Meka unique in order to prioritize quality above quantity.[1]

The MekaVerse collection was released in early October 2021. To mint a MekaVerse NFT a user first had to get into the raffle by having at least 0.2 ETH in their wallet and registering on the MekaVerse site within the 3-hour registration window. The reveal started on October 12, 2021.[4]

MekaVerse is led by Matt Braccini and Mattey both of whom are crypto artists. Julien van Dorland is the brains behind their Discord. The team explained that before they began working with 3D, they did a lot of research and drawings. Then they constructed their first 3D Meka by developing each element/asset. Once the project's visual direction was completed, the team worked hard to secure the code.[5][6]


Mekas began trading on  before the artworks were revealed, at the point when nobody was supposed to know the rarity or aesthetics for each piece. However, when the collection was revealed a week later, several high-profile members of the NFT community accused the team of rigging the launch and distribution of the Mekas.

The NFT personality Beanie claimed on Twitter that the team behind the project identified several accounts using insider information of the metadata to purchase ultra-rare Mekas on the secondary market before they were revealed. Beanie's post linked to an OpenSea account associated with an Ethereum address that had joined the NFT marketplace in October. The user’s collection includes several of the rarest Mekas, including a "Legendary" piece it bought for 4.6 Ethereum on October 7.[9]

bagelface, a Solidity developer who inspected MekaVerse's smart contracts, claimed that the contract logic gave the team the ability to manually mint specific Mekas to specific addresses, without any attempt at automating and randomizing the process. They said that this shows that MekaVerse could have manually distributed the rarest Mekas to hand-picked addresses, giving certain people preferential treatment in what was supposed to be a "fair distribution." However, bagelface provided no proof that MekaVerse rigged the distribution.[8]

Another Twitter user, MOLOTOV, pointed out that _Wyb0, an NFT collector and co-founder of Miinded Studio, purchased a super-rare Meka for 6.83 ETH
before the NFTs were revealed. Miinded Studio collaborated with MekaVerse on the collection. "The MekaVerse reveal was rigged," MOLOTOV wrote, claiming that _Wyb0 already knew the rarity traits of each Meka and exploited this information to purchase one of the rarest NFTs at a relatively cheap price.[8]


Matt and Mattey, two European men who have worked as independent graphic and digital artists for the past few years, are the brains behind MekaVerse. Julien van Dorland, an NFT icon in his own right, is the mind behind their Discord. This team, which also includes Julien's brother Simon van Dorland, has drawn some of the most enthusiastic Twitter users from the NFT community, notably Loopify, who first spread word of the project by quote-tweeting about Mekaverse. Since then, their Twitter announcement video has received over 900k views.


.01 Launch Roadmap

Quality comes first. The goal is to make the first drop as cool as possible so the team can have freedom to develop the universe. The team is still working on a number of rarity criteria, as well as a lot of new Lore concepts. The team also needs to work hard with the community to make Discord and Twitter even cooler with new additions throughout time.

.02 Physical Part

Mekas have a huge potential as physical creations. The team is passionate about 3D printing and wants to bring their concept to life with high-quality materials. After several talks with famous art toys makers, they are currently working on some concepts. They also aim to create clothing and merchandise using high-quality materials and textiles with eco-friendly fabrics. Also, Matt. B would love to explore a new and ambitious 3D Art Direction about streetwear and fashion in general.

.03 MekaVerse x Artists

The team would like to develop a series in which each Meka is made in collaboration with artists they like and under their artistic direction. They would create a small collection of 1/1 unique Mekas by artists, with all proceeds going to them.

.04 Meka Multiverse

After presenting the original Mekas, the team wants to explore more abstract subjects in order to present a second, very distinct drop. The aim is to aesthetically enlarge the universe, and each relationship between the Meka Dimensions will be described and explained. The team wants to blend artistic disciplines, as well as move beyond the graphic style and look outside their comfort zone. They also want to see if it would be possible to collaborate with famous mecha licenses on future releases.

.05 Future of Mekas

When all of these stages are completed, the team will take care of maintaining the Meka Universe.[1]

Notable Sales

On October 11, 2021, the day before the reveal, the MekaVerse collection was one of the Top 5 NFTs on OpenSea by volume for the past 30 days and the Top 35 NFTs of all time.

Some Mekas from the collection were sold on OpenSea for more than 10 ETH even before the reveal. Meka #3106 sold on October 7 for 15 ETH, Meka #7688 sold for 11,99 ETH, and Meka #1337 sold for 10 ETH.[7]

On October 13, 2021, Legendary Hidden Meka #8597 sold for 125 ETH ($450,267) on OpenSea. [10] The same day, Meka #3489 with full silver material trait sold for 60 ETH ($216,453), and Meka #848 with brick material trait sold for 50 ETH ($180,377).[11][7]

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