Meter Governance

Meter Governance (MTRG) is a global currency that maintains long-term, stable purchasing power and can’t be censored or manipulated by third parties.[1][2]


Meter is a layer 1, permissionless, low-volatility currency without collateral, oracle, or regulatory risk. It is fully decentralized that is anyone can create Meter through Proof-of-work mining, but no one can manipulate it. Thus it avoids counterparty and regulatory risk.[3]

No collateral is needed, collateral is not necessary to create Meter, making it immune to , collateral volatility, and oracle risk. Meter is fast and scalable, Meter processes thousands of transactions per second so transactions are confirmed almost instantly.[4][5]

How it Works?

Meter uses an innovative economic and consensus design that separates currency creation (Proof of Work) with record keeping (Proof of Stake). Its value is supported by the price of 10 kWh of electricity, which is more stable in purchasing power than any fiat money in the world.

How it can be Used

  1. Everyday Payments: Meter can be used for everyday purchases and payments, such as for your cup of coffee, a new shirt, or payments to friends and family across the world.
  2. Store of Value: While governments are devaluing their currencies with continuous printing, Meter maintains its long-term value so you can protect your hard-earned money.
  3. Decentralized Finance App Development: Meter is a programmable Layer 1 infrastructure that can be used as secure medium of exchange for DeFi apps, or as a sidechain for other blockchains to allow value interaction across crypto assets.


  • Xiaohan Zhu- Co-founder and CEO
  • Young Yu- Co-founder and Chief Architect
  • Simon Zhang- Co-founder and Core Developer
  • David Shao- Chief Cryptographic Architect
  • Altay Sabyrbay- Engineering
  • Mike Chan- CMO and Head Cheerleader
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Meter Governance


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