MPCWallet[4] is a next-generation crypto wallet made for the Metaverse. The most convenient self-custody wallet in Web3. Cross-chain, convenient, and secure.

ㆍMulti-sig Wallet based on MPC algorithm

ㆍKeyless + multiple authentication, more secure

ㆍEasy to use, similar to the needs and usage habits of Web2.0 users

ㆍWeb3.0 data distributed management concept, combined with Web2.0 style engineering design habits

MPCWallet is the next generation Smart wallet of digital assets!
With its user-friendly interface, display, sharing features, and seamless Fungible tokens/NFTs exchange capabilities, MPCWallet even provides beginners with an unprecedented secure navigation of the Metaverse.
By seamlessly integrating mainstream social media platforms, GameFi exchanges, and of course, NFT marketplaces, MPCWallet offers an unparalleled experience! Our MPC algorithm provides higher security without the need of mnemonic phrases or private keys. MPCWallet is truly born for the Metaverse!
Currently, MPCWallet supports 13 chains including ETHF/ETH/ETC/ETHW/BSC/TRON/Heco/Polygon/meter/COSMOS/ARB/AVAX/PlatON, and more mainstream and popular chains will be supported in the near future.

MPCWallet has 2 different modes: Multi-chain mode (HD) and Multi-signature mode (MPC). The Multi-chain mode is similar to decentralized hot wallets on the market, such as TokenPocket. The Multi-signature mode utilizes the MPC algorithm and employs private key sharding encryption, providing higher security. These different modes cater to the diverse needs of different users.

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