Neo Tokyo Identities

Neo Tokyo Identities is a collection of  (NFT) which consists of 2018 identities and 2500 vault cards. There are claims that the collection is the fairest NFT drop in history. In this regard, it has no pre-sales and is free to mint. [1]

It was launched by Crypto YouTuber Alex Becker and Elliotrades.


The aim of Neo Tokyo Identities is to build a truly community-focused project that develops a culture of long term participation. All the advantages will lie with the citizens who are active and pay attention to all the announcements. Besides, there are games within games inside the codes to root out passive holders. [2]

Moreover, the NFTs are strings of codes that come with many aspects and different qualities that will give citizens great power in Neo Tokyo.”

Neo Tokyo NFTs

Getting an NFT in the collection is no piece of cake. Only those who are in Neo Tokyo’s whitelist were allowed to mint the NFTs. Moreover, only those who solved the riddles or won games made it to the whitelist on a first come first serve basis. Then, on Upload Day (October 3), Becker dropped whitelists in groups, with each group having 10 minutes to mint the Neo Tokyo Identities. [3]

The lists contained proofs (codes) and mint numbers corresponding to each wallet address. This, however, did not guarantee a mint. Users had to go to the website and “pass” another test. [4]

According to Dave Loyal, users could access a chatbox on Neo Tokyo Identities’ website on Upload Day. Here, they were asked a number of questions, the answers to which could be found in various clues and codes Becker tweeted previously. At the end of the questions, the project gave users  addresses and contract links where they had to enter their whitelist number and proof to mint the NFTs.

Furthermore, on October 16, the team posted the contract link to mint vault cards. The process was the same as before, with each Neo Tokyo holder getting two hours to grab a single vault. However, if the holders did not make it in time, game-winners on the whitelist could “steal” the vault.


Neo Tokyo Identities was recently the top 11th collection by seven-day trade volume, according to DappRadar data. While it amassed $7.85 million in the last seven days alone, its all-time trade volume has hit $33.45 million. Some of the NFTs in the collection have also sold for hefty sums. Character #1990, for instance, fetched around $270,0


  • Crypto YouTuber Alex Becker
  • Elliotrades
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Neo Tokyo Identities


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