Share is a global provider of information and analytics on major markets. It is a self-sufficient, self-financing project that receives income from its business model.[1][2]


Newscrypto develops its ecosystem, which includes professional analysis tools in the field of crypto trading, crypto community engagement, payment systems, advertisement services, and the Newscrypto School.

One of the key services of Newscrypto is the terminal, which is an integrated platform that combines data on the market, quotes, general news, and trading operations. As a leading provider of financial information to members of the global crypto trading market, NewsCrypto is creating a platform that will benefit both beginners and experienced traders.

The Newscrypto platform is a high-quality service that relies on its infrastructure and actively forms a loyal community and a structured ecosystem . The heart of the NewsCrypto platform is the NWC token - a Stellar Lumens compliant token that underpins all transactions for the NewsCrypto network. The token provides access to the system’s payouts, bonuses, and it provides an opportunity to quickly develop an internal ecosystem.[3][4]

Newscrypto operates in the global and most successful sectors of the blockchain market . Cryptocurrency trading is a huge, steadily growing market.[5]

The mission of

The mission of the Newscrypto project is to develop a new global analytical ecosystem that creates a simple and efficient financial environment for successful trading.

Newscrypto solves the problem of finding and analyzing the right information at the right time and allows users to make rational investment decisions.

Project specification

The Newscrypto platform is divided into three distinct levels which are split as Beginner Tier, Intermediate Tier, and Advanced Tier. The Beginner tier consists of essential tools and indicators available for free after registering an account.

The other two tiers can be unlocked with the NWC token. Every user has to pay a monthly or yearly fee corresponding with the level of access required. The Newscrypto platform is built to support high data loads and reads from blockchain network participants with exact rules which data to extract.

Newscrypto school has developed a school program suitable for beginners and those who want to expand their knowledge about trading with cryptocurrencies. The school program was designed by the world’s best traders and crypto minds are completely free as it is in the project mission to educate as many people as possible to make crypto trading accepted by the masses.

The educational program was designed to provide users with a powerful theoretical and practical experience and warn them about possible mistakes in the crypto world. The school program is divided into different groups which cover the Basics, Charts, Trading strategy, Economics, Crypto development, Everything about Newscrypto tools.

Newscrypto Token

The NWC token is an internal unit of value that the Newscrypto platform created to manage its business model. Users can buy and sell NWC tokens, while the value of the token remains connected to the supply and demand on the open market. NWC tokens are the basis of the internal economic system of Newscrypto and are the equivalent of all services implemented on the platform. They serve as a special unit of account and are used to pay platform fees.

By purchasing NWC tokens, the user gets access to the functionality of the Newscrypto platform. NWC tokens are a universal cryptocurrency that acts as a medium of circulation in the internal ecosystem of Newscrypto and at the same time can be freely exchanged for fiat money and other cryptocurrencies.[6][7]

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