Noku is a custom platform which creates interfaces for the use of the main blockchains.
Noku ecosystem works to empower businesses and individuals, making the most complex existing technology accessible to everyone.[1][2]


Noku is a that builds an all in one ecosystem to make people using blockchain without writing a single line of code.

Noku Swap is a platform that aims to simplify and make more efficient the conversion of tokens to ETH and Stable-Coin, making it more time-convenient.[3][4]

Noku Mission

Noku mission is focused on creating products and services that helps people to save, spend and invest value in the "real" world, while still enjoying the advantages of crypto technologies.


  1. Buy-Back Tokens
  2. Custom Tokens
  3. One-Time Utility Tokens

Noku Tokens

Noku tokens is token compliant. Right now, is the most reliable platform for and token creation, but the research department will continue to closely study progress in other technologies such as Bitcoin Lighting Network, Rootstock, BitShares, Waves and Nxt.

Buy-Back Tokens

If a customer wants to buy a “Buy-Back Token”, he/she has to register for a Noku account and do the KYC procedure. The token (not the customer) has Buy-Back right with the Noku Company. However, if a customer wants to sell a Buy-Back token, he must have a registered Noku account, or register a Noku account with KYC procedure. If a customer does not comply with the KYC/AML Noku procedure, they cannot buy or sell Buy-Back Token from/to the Noku Company.

Custom Tokens

With Noku Platform, customers will be able to create, move or burn their own tokens. A token can be anything a community decides. With a Noku Account, users can use the Noku Platform to create their own tokens.

All the tokens created through the Noku Platform are automatically recognized by the Noku wallets (both the web and apps versions). This gives customers a holistic solution without the need to write code or buy servers.[5][6]

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