Persistence is a protocol powering institutional open finance by facilitating the borrowing of crypto assets (stablecoins) using real-world assets, such as invoices, as collateral. This bridges DeFi and traditional finance and uses the features of DeFi to solve real-world financing problems.[1]

Persistence aims to facilitate efficient global capital allocation by allowing businesses and traders to draw loans against receivables in to meet their financing needs. It aims to allow investors in low-interest jurisdictions to generate yield through a fundamentally new asset class in the form of real-world income-generating assets.[2]

Comdex, the first app in the Persistence ecosystem, has processed $30 million worth of commodity trades. Further, Persistence is targeting to close the $1.5 Trillion financing gap in the commodity trading industry. The solid validator set and strategic partnerships with projects such as Terra are a validation of their product-market fit.[3]

The technology stack comprises: - Persistence chain(s) - a network of business-specific ‘App-chains’ with security provided by the Persistence main-chain and its set of validators - Persistence SDK - a suite of plug-and-play modules to create new or integrate existing Exchanges & Marketplaces - PersistencedApp(s) - finance applications focused on institutional and retail stakeholders.[2]

Mission & Vision

The Internet disintermediated the Media & Communications industry. Using HTTP, SMTP and TCP/IP as the foundational layers, the cost of information exchange was significantly lowered.[3]

Persistence is leveraging blockchain technology to facilitate seamless asset exchange. Using Web 3.0 protocols, Persistence aims to enable and create a suite of bleeding edge financial products in niches ranging from staking-as-a-service and tokenized ‘real-world’ debt to digital art.[1]

XPRT Token

The XPRT token is primarily a governance token for the Persistence chain. Once the Persistence mainnet is launched, token holders will be able to stake XPRT tokens to passively earn more XPRT. XPRT token also plays the role of a ‘work token’, allowing the stakers to produce cash flows in correlation with the transaction volume generated by dApps in the Persistence ecosystem.[3]

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