PIBBLE is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency that brings together image creators and consumers, compensating them for the work they create, use and enjoy. The types of images that the PIBBLE project handles are not only a picture or a stock image, but also various kinds of images such as cartoons, characters, illustrations, graphics, pictures of entertainers (including singers, actors, etc.) and video stills.[1]


The PIBBLE project, a decentralized and shared platform that protects the value of the creations aims to challenge the status quo in which most of the users don’t recognize that the images they upload daily on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. can be a great asset to them.[2]

The users in the PIBBLE project are comprised mostly of ordinary individuals that do not have clear concepts of portrait rights, but it also includes entertainer groups who have a difficult time exercising their portrait rights online, expert groups who had been managing business through images, as well as indie groups who have had little opportunity to have their creations valued.[3]

PIBBLE aims to fix this by using its self-developed image tracking system which was operated for years and plans to expand the reach of this blockchain solution. PIBBLE will provide a service that offers protection to not only professionals, but even to regular people from copyright infringement which can result in creating profitable models for them.[1]

The PIBBLE platform is a social sharing platform that manufactures and consumes media contents similar to Instagram. But while Instagram has its data centralized, the PIBBLE platform has user to user rewards and empowerment methods by means of adopting a decentralized social platform.[2]

A rewarding platform using blockchain and cryptocurrency in blogs known as STEEMIT, is already in existence. The PIBBLE platform combines rewarding platforms like STEEMIT and popular contents such as images, thereby constructing a more comprehensive rewarding social platform ecosystem.[3]


Jinri Lee - Marketing Developer

Kevin Kang - Contents Developer

YoungSoo Mun - Multimedia Contents Producer

Ben Kim - Contents Developer

Andrew DB Chae – CTO

Treasure Lee – CEO

Treadi Lee - Founder

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