Pillar is a personal data and asset management platform that allows users to control what, when, and with whom their funds and information are shared. The project's mission is to empower individuals through ownership of their personal data using decentralized technologies.  It serves as a next-generation smart wallet and payment network.  Pillar operates on the Ethereum platform.[1]

Pillar Wallet

The Pillar Wallet is an intuitive and social cryptocurrency management tool. It aims to allow users to build a contact book -- rather than searching for blockchain addresses -- so that sending assets is as easy as sending a message. It stores users' entire transaction history, provides real-time notifications on all activity, offers 24/7 in-app support, and an end-to-end encrypted chat function. The next step is smart contract based, recoverable accounts, integrated with exchanges and token swap platforms. It aims to provide free, instant, and private transactions via off-chain payment channels.[2]

Token economics

As a native token, PLR powers the platform and is used for payments, services, providing access to the Pillar Payment network, and serves as a usage fee benchmark. Pillar users will be able to operate the wallet platform, manage assets and identity, transact with other users, access enhanced functionality, open payment channels, exchange supported synthetic assets, and cover network fees using only the PLR token.[3]


Pillar is a simple, decentralized, and secure next-generation Smart Wallet and Payment Network. Some of its features include:

  • Private messaging
  • Peace of mind
  • Free Transactions
  • Buy crypto directly
  • People, not addresses
  • Pillar offers engine
  • Proactive security
  • Game of Badges
  • 24/7 Support
  • Personal Data Locker
  • Multiple Personas
  • Multiple Blockchain support

Through the use of decentralized technology, Pillar will put its users in control of their personal data - allowing them to choose where, when, and with who your information is shared.[2]

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