Poco is a new "play-to-earn" game built on the and technology. The game offers many features such as gaming, NFT marketplace, staking, and yield farming.


The Poco game was designed to be similar to , with the goal of allowing users to earn tokens through gameplay and donations on the Poco ecosystem. The game features wonderful characters, and users may build their own for use in forming teams and purchasing them on the NFT marketplace. [1]

The NFT gaming protocol offers numerous means of earning. With this in mind, users decide how and what they earn.[2] Poco is an amusing game, it also comes with social networking and job platform features due to strong community and play-to-earn chances on its initial success. [3]

The Poco game entails battling, leverage renting, buying, breeding new characters, and selling to increase ranking in the Poco community while making passive income. The game is community-based. As such, users can vote on new features to be added. [4]


On the Binance Smart Chain mainnet, Poco has integrated (Chainlink is the industry standard for building, accessing, and selling oracle services needed to power hybrid smart contracts on any blockchain) Price Feeds and Chainlink VRF.

POCOLAND has access to high-quality, tamper-proof market data needed to get the real-time price of and for the NFT Marketplace by integrating the industry-leading decentralized oracle network.

Presently, users can securely purchase characters, equipment, and other items using BUSD and BNB as their collateral, with each transaction backed by highly accurate and reliable conversion rates. Chainlink VRF provides randomness to POCOLAND’s in-game breeding mechanism, helping to ensure that each user has a fair chance to mint the rare Pocos

Players may mint and trade assets such as characters, equipment, and other in-game stuff on the Poco NFT Marketplace. Players can trade with one another to form a powerful Poco character squad, or they can sell assets to offer collateral for the chance to manufacture rare or epic Pocos.

The Game (Story)

No one knew when a magical realm formed, where just one creature existed, Poco, a long time ago. Before Poco arrived, the planet was completely dark, but things quickly changed, and vibrant colors began to spread throughout the earth.

Poco are recognized by the natural element it contains. There are five elements in total: Dark, Light, Fire, Water, and Wind. Amongst them develop a rare breed of creatures that took a different turn in evolutionary path. A path that granted them mere godlike magical powers to have control over different natural elements.

They continue to prosper and expand into their own civilization, Poco Universal, with dominant power unlike any other. Legendary battles were fought in their honor to demonstrate their strength, power, wisdom, and bravery. [5]

Yearly tournaments were organized to determine the one true champion of the planet, with participants traveling from all around Poco Land to compete. However, it is true that their tremendous dominance did not persist indefinitely, and they have found themselves weakening over time.

Now, as they evolve from different clans, mingling and refining their later generation to restore their godlike status and power, they battle to identify the strongest among them to govern and save their species from extinction.

How to Play and Earn

There are five ways to play and earn money from Poco game:

  • Play games, do daily quests, join events.
  • Complete to win in PVP battles, tournaments.
  • Sell game materials collected from gaming and tournaments on the marketplace.
  • Exchange, buy and sell the Poco characters on the NFT market.
  • Send poco, items through the rental service on Poco NFT marketplace to get passive income.

Poco (NFT)

Poco's elements

The Gacha (random) mechanic is used in Egg hatching, resulting in a Poco (NFT) with the following characteristics:

  • Five Elements: Dark, Light, Fire, Water, Wind.
  • Four Class: Tanker, Mage, Archer, Support
  • Four Primary Stats: Strength (Damage, HP); Agility ( Attack Speed, Armor); Intelligent (Magic Power, Skill Casting Speed, Magic Resistance), Speed (Speed. Affects turn order during battle)
  • Five Stats from Equipment : Critical Rate, Critical Damage, Dodge Chance, HP Regen, MP Regen
  • Four Skills: 1 Passive skill, 2 Active skills and 1 Ultimate influenced by Class
  • Seven Rank: E < D < C < B < A < S < SR
  • Eight Parts: Eyes, Nose, Mouth, Ears, Skin, Wings, Body, Tail.
  • Three Forms: Baby, Master, Epic.
  • Level: 1-29, 30-69, 70-100
  • Arrange the team formation: Four Pocos to be in your fighting squad

In Play Mode, the pieces that make up a Poco allow for a lot of flexibility in terms of the power of Pocos or a squad. In fus, players are free to use their imagination when forming teams and pricing their Pocos on the NFT Marketplace. [6]

Evolution and Rank System

  • Every Poco will grow through 3 phases: Baby > Master > Epic.
  • Appearance of a Poco consists of 8 Parts: Eyes, Nose, Mouth, Ears, Skin, Wings, Body, Tail. How each part looks will be different as the Poco evolves
  • Every Poco will have 7 Ranks, ranging between: E > D > C > B > A > S > SR.

Rank System

Poco do upgrade rank every time it hits the level limit (30, 40, 50,...100) in order to continue to level up (for example, Poco will need to upgrade when it reaches level 30 in order to continue to level up. level 40). When the level limit is reached, the PocoLove token, 1 Poco of the same type, and luck are required to upgrade the Poco. The higher the poco level, the lower the upgrade success rate. However, even if users fail to upgrade, they lose materials (Doesn't affect your poco). [7]

Class System

  • Pocos belong to one of the 4 classes: Tanker, Archer, Mage, Support.
  • A Poco’s class are classified from its core Stats and skill in its Body.
  • The Stats include: Damage, Defense, HP, MP.
  • Each part of Poco might develop with more than 1 Stat.

Leveling System

  • The maximum level for a Poco is 100.
  • Leveling up requires Experience Point (EXP), which can be obtained from Daily quest, Battles and Story/Map roaming, etc.
  • Poco’s max level will be limited by its current rank. Players should prioritize Ranking Up their Pocos to unlock their potential.

Stats System

Primary Stats: Strength, Agility, and Intelligence

Primary Stats are influenced by Class. A Poco’s ace reveals its potential:

  • Tanker: high Strength
  • Mage: high Intelligence
  • Archer: high Agility
  • Support: balanced

<strong>Secondary Stats</strong>: Secondary Stats are reflected by Primary Stats

<strong>Strength</strong>: HP, Defense: damage resistance to opponent’s attack.


  • Speed: determine the attack order during the combat.
  • Damage: attack damage, in relation to Skills and the opponent’s Defense.


  • MP Regeneration: Mana regenerating after each turn.
  • Resistance: chances to resist sabotaging effects from opponent’s Skills.

Secondary Stats improved by Equipments:

  • Critical Rate: increase chance of critical hit
  • Critical Damage: increase damage of critical hit
  • Dodge Chance: increase chance to dodge incoming attack
  • HP Regeneration: HP recovery per second
  • Life Steal

Breeding System

Pocos can be grown, then improved to higher skills, or bred with other Pocos to create new offspring, just like real-life pets. Poco and PocoLove Token are required to breed a Poco, depending on how many times the Pocos have been bred. [8]

Breed CountBreed NumberPL Cost

Poco Crop

Poco crop is the Pocos' home, split into various plots of land that serve as homes and farms for their Pocos. Plots can be enhanced over time by combining different resources and creating ingredients found throughout the game. In addition, land-owners might find seeds on their land plots, or use the Pocos that occupy the land plot to explore resource nodes on the map. When interacting with resource nodes Pocos can find resources that can potentially be used to upgrade an individual farm or Pocos.


Battle (PVP, PVE)

One-on-one conflicts are possible in the arena. In each round, a player can assemble a squad of four Poco warriors from their collection to face opponents.[9]  To be rewarded for their efforts, they must defeat their opponents. Matchups will be decided automatically by the algorithm, and will be between players with similar point totals - there will be no distinction made between player levels. [10]

These Poco games are turn-based combat games, which means that players and their units take turns joining the fight. To win, players must assemble a powerful squad of Poco warriors with complete skills (wind, water, fire, dark, light) and brilliant strategies to combine those skills in the most effective way. [11]


  • Four Poco are required to complete a combat formation. Before starting combat, players can arrange Poco's position or choose a pre-arranged configuration.
  • The conflict are turn-based, which means that each turn required a set order and target.
  • The order of attack are determined by Poco's speed.
  • Each battle has a set time limit. If the attacking player fails to defeat all of the opponent's Poco within the time limit, the battle is declared lost. By selecting "x2," the player can increase the combat pace. [12]

PvP Rank Mode

  • PVP Rank is based on the "Attack and Defense" paradigm. Players can use their "Attack" formation to engage in fights while playing the game (online). When a player leaves the game, his team configuration is switched to "Defense" mode, using his defending formation (pre-arranged).
  • The player's Rank rise as a result of successful Attack or Defense. Failure to do so automatically have unfavorable consequences (losing Rank points)
  • If a "Defense" fails, the player are told once online and allowed to raid the attacker.

<strong>Rank and Reward</strong>: Mission, Rank Reward, and Seasonal Reward are the three sorts of prizes available. Players who meet the requirements will receive a Poco token or Special Equipment.

  • <strong>Mission</strong>: can be daily missions and does not involve competition between players.
  • <strong>Rank Reward</strong>: players are rewarded by their Rank, which are: Apprentice < Elite < Noble < Poco Legends. Rank Reward is available for 'Poco Legends' Rank onwards.
  • <strong>Seasonal Reward</strong>: each game season is expected to last for 90 days.

Bet Matchmaking

  • In PVP mode, in particular, there is a "Pick Rival" option that produce random opponents based on users Rank points (+- 10%). There is no limit to the number of opponents that can be presented. Players can choose from any of the opponents presented in the "Pick Rival" window to fight.
  • Displayed information of the opponent includes: Avatar, Name, User Level, Power Estimation, Rank Badge, Rank points.
  • Before battle players can bet Poco tokens or Equipments. Whoever wins take the reward.
  • Players also can challenge any player they want to bet battle.


Tournament is a weekly tournament open to all Poco ecosystem players. Players must acquire a ticket in order to participate. The award becomes more valuable as more tickets are sold.

Rule of weekly tournament: Players compete with each other to find the winners. The prizes are distributed among them based on their rank. Besides, Poco rank the players with their total win combat on the monthly leaderboard, then award them to top 3. [13]

WeeklyEveryone can participate<ul><li>Online</li></ul><ul><li>All participate receive prizes according to their performance</li></ul><ul><li>Winners receive weekly cups, Poco token based on the number of ticket sold</li></ul>
MonthlyOnly weekly cup holders can participate<ul><li>Online</li></ul><ul><li>All participate receive prizes according to their performance</li></ul><ul><li>Winners receive weekly cups, Poco Token, and rare NFT Item</li></ul>
Poco Cup-Top players are directly invited<ul><li>Quarterly cup holders take part in preliminary rounds to fill the missing spot</li></ul><ul><li>Preliminary rounds are hosted online</li></ul><ul><li>The main events are hosted offline/online depending on the situation</li></ul><ul><li>Winners received reward based on the rules of each prize</li></ul>

Poco DeFi


  1. Poco release a number of staking vaults that will let token holders to earn multiple rewards for their stakes.
  2. Players can stake their $Poco tokens for passive income.
  3. Players can stake their NFTs for loot-boxes, the higher the price of their NFTs the higher the rarity of their loot-boxes and item, equipment.
  4. Earn extra $Poco with the add-on farming feature. The amount of $Poco gained from Farming depends on each Poco’s Farming stats.


  • Poco assign a reasonable quantity of tokens to farming rewards based on the farming and reward forecasts. The amount of $Poco earned via farming is determined by the Farming metrics of each Poco. Farmers are enticed to keep their tokens during the early stages of the game development, while several key game features are still being developed.
  • Farming progressively decrease as new features are released.


  • Owners of NFTs can rent out their idle assets to get more money.
  • All NFT items are available for hire to other players. The smart contract ensures that the borrower cannot resell or destroy the object, and that it is returned to the owner at the conclusion of the rental time.
  • Players who want to try out strong NFTs but can't afford them can rent them for a set amount of time.
  • Renting with collateral: a smart contract can be used to make a direct peer-to-peer transaction between players. The renter must, however, make a deposit equal to the value of the NFT.

Poco Launchpool

A Poco launchpool is basically a launch event that gives the opportunity to own an exclusive NFT character that has no similar objects traded on the market. It enables rewards for the users when they stake their existing tokens, such as (BNB), Binance USD (BUSD), or POCO. It is introduced to give an equal opportunity to both large investors and small gamers to own unique in-game characters . By using launchpool, Poco avoids game developers' manipulation of the market by assigning premium characters to some particular players. Instead of investing a large amount in advance, players can secure a chance to own this unique NFT character by staking their POCO token in the launchpool. The more POCO tokens a user stakes, the more "tickets" he/she receives to mint exclusive event-themed Poco characters and items. Additionally, users can keep staking tickets at the launchpool and use them later for minting purposes.[14][15]

Poco Ecosystem

The Poco ecosystem may be broken down into smaller functional elements, all of which can work together thanks to the use of four major assets that are completely implemented on the Binance Smart Chain main blockchain (as well as sidechains).

Poco token (POCO) – Main currency

  • Binance Smart Chain
  • Open loot boxes
  • Rewarded from Tournament
  • Summon Poco
  • Buy/Rent NFT Assets
  • PVP Bet
  • Staking/farming for interest

Token allocation

  • Development team: (21%) - 37,800,000
  • Advisers: (6%) - 10,800,000
  • Private Sale: (11.37%) - 20,466,667
  • Strategic Round: (1.85%) – 3,333,333
  • Public sale/ IDO: (2,78%) - 5,000,000
  • Staking rewards: (29%) - 52,200,000
  • Play to earn: (20%) - 36,000,000
  • Ecosystem fund: community growth (7%)- 12,600,000
  • Airdrop: 1%- 1,800,000

PocoLove token – Main game reward

  • Rewarded from PVP, PVE
  • Breeding Poco
  • In game upgrade
  • PVP Bet

Poco Heroes – NFT Characters

  • ERC 721
  • Can evolve through battles
  • Can be sold/bought on the Poco NFT marketplace or any other NFT markets

Poco Equipment

  • ERC 1155
  • Rewarded from PvE
  • Generated by opening loot box
  • Can be sold/bought on the Poco NFT marketplace


Q1 - 2021

  • Concept and Idea - Development

Q2 - 2021

  • Design and prototype development

Q3 - 2021

  • Strategic partnership
  • Marketing and IDO
  • Private sales
  • Poco Farming
  • Listing on CMC and Coingecko

Q4 - 2021

  • Poco - NFT card released
  • Poco - NFT market released
  • CEX Application and Listing
  • Poco Game released


Founder team

Quan Dang - Founder & CEO

He is the Marketing and Content Partnerships Director. Quan has five years of expertise investing in blockchain companies and eight years of marketing, community development, and business management experience.

Charlotte Nguyen - Co-Founder & CMO

Nguyen have more than three years of investing in blockchain projects and four years of experience in marketing and human resource.

Huy An - Co- Founder & COO

Huy has eight years of experience in Sale and Operation, community development and Business Management.

Blockchain team

Paul Nguyen - Co-Founder & CTO

Paul has over eight years in software development, three years of comprehensive experience in Blockchain and Smart-contract Project:, Xpool, Vntrip, Mobile health.

Patrick Nguyen - Senior Full stack Developer

He has over seven years of software development experience, including two years of Blockchain and Smart-contract knowledge, Xpool, and Yamato transport are the projects.

Jay Tran - System Architecture

He is the system architecture at Pocoland. Jay has More than seven years in software development, three years of comprehensive experience in Blockchain and Smart-contract . He has work on some project such as, Xpool, Sencoinex, Sen point.

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