PumaPay Cryptocurrency PumaPay is a comprehensive, advanced billing system that combines the advantages of Blockchain technology with the flexibility and ease-of-use of credit cards. The innovative payment system aims to bring usability to cryptocurrencies by designing a set of tools based around PumaPay’s innovative PullPayment protocol. PumaPay’s flexible solution will adapt to any business logic in order to allow for the creation of all the familiar and common billing models.[1]

PumaPay aims to enable day-to-day payment scenarios, such as top-ups and subscriptions on the Blockchain, thus adding convenience and usability to Blockchain technology. PumaPay's managed payment service reportedly allows businesses to easily set up their account and start accepting cryptos immediately.[2]

Brief History

PumaPay was first established in 2017 and set out to reinvent everyday crypto payment through the development of it pull payment protocol solution. In 2018, they became the 7th Largest ICO in the world, raising a total of $117 million and gaining over 100 global adopters in the process. From that point they continued the expansion of PumaPay, establishing themselves as a Global tech Fin company with successful integrations of the PumaPay Protocol in brands around the world.[3]


Pumapay a Cyprus-based Cryptocurrency payment system, was founded by Yoav Dror who is currently the CEO and co- founder in 2017,

PumaPay is the first comprehensive Blockchain-based billing protocol. Using unique Smart contracts PumaPay overcomes the limitations of many other cryptocurrencies, making Blockchain billing easily accessible for both online and offline markets. Pumapay’s contracts allow businesses to choose any type of billing mechanism, decentralizing the entire billing layer.[1]

Pumapay is designed with the idea to serve merchants and establish cryptocurrency into the sector of digital payments. The PumaPay protocol is designed with both on-chain and off-chain components, allowing ease of use and access to users. Pumapay is firstly introduced on the Ethereum Blockchain but intends to build its own token in the future.[2]

The first component of the network is the PumaPay Token Contract, which mediates and validates the ownership of PumaPay tokens among accounts.[3]

The PullContract is the second and one of the most important components of the ecosystem. It is a smart contract that represents a payment relationship between accounts and is responsible for the token transfer between them. These contracts can have flexible parameters, allowing merchants to develop their own billing methodologies.[1]

PumaPay’s off-chain part includes components like the PumaPay Wallet and The PumaPay SDK.[2]

The PumaPay wallet facilitates payment interactions between accounts, with a mobile version as well as a browser versions being developed.[3]

The PumaPay Software Developing Kit is a set of tools for developers who need to truly leverage the protocol, allowing them to build different solutions based on the network’s abilities.[1]

The PumaPay ecosystem will be built entirely around the token. The uniqueness of the PMA token comes from the fact that it will allow the implementation of comprehensive all-in-one billing mechanism in a simple, flexible way.[2]


  • Fixed Amount Recurring Payments: The Pull Payment Protocol enables the creation of contracts that charge a fixed amount based on time for example, monthly subscription fees.
  • Pay-Per-Use: Pull contracts can be used to charge clients on a pay-per-use basis.
  • Fixed Time Recurring Payment: PumaPay’s Protocol can set up recurring payments based on time with a variable amount. For example, utility bills.
  • One Time/ Single:Pull contracts can be applied to a single payment both online and offline via wallet app.
  • Shared Payment: The Pull Payment Protocol can also be used to divide payment between multiple parties. For example, to facilitate an affiliate program.
  • Restricted Payment: A pull contract can also be restricted according to the user’s preferences.

PumaPay Cryptocurrency Wallet

The PumaPay Cryptocurrency Wallet is a flexible coin payment app powered by Blockchain technology that allows Uses to store, receive and exchange cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC), as well as all other ERC20 tokens. This also includes the use of PMA, the native Cryptocurrency of the PumaPay PullPayment Protocol.[3]

PumaPay’s Mobile Wallet app allows users to manage all their crypto money, as well as simplifying payments and subscriptions to their favorite services. Whether it’s their favorite porn site or any other payment they wish to keep private, their identity will not be revealed!

What Users can Do with the PumaPay Wallet App?

  • Send & receive payments in PMA with ZERO transaction fees
  • Subscribe to online services in crypto, such as Pornhub Premium, and other adult sites with 100% privacy
  • Manage all ERC20 coins & tokens
  • High-security thanks to immutability of Blockchain-based transactions
  • 100% privacy on blockchain transactions
  • Easily create or restore any existing ETH crypto wallet account
  • Make hassle-free mobile payments with simple QR-code scanning
  • Convenient biometric authentication-based login
  • Live chat support

Team Behind PumaPay

PumaPay have a fifteen-strong team listed on their homepage, as well as five advisors. The CEO, Yoav Dror has quite a secretive public LinkedIn page that hides companies that he was CEO of from 1997 to 2016.[1]


Yoav Dror (CEO); Aristos Christofides (CTO); Pantelis Foulis (CFO)


Dovi Frances

Uriel Peled

Giaglis. M George. Prof

Daniel Sijes

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