Quirkies are a collection of 5,000 unique characters minted on the . Quirkies are created by the team artist through several hundred traits of quirkiness. [1]

Game story

Colors and patterns are used by Quirkies to communicate with one another. Make the correct Quirkies sequences on the Board by arranging three cards in a row (vertical, horizontal, or diagonal).

To win, users must score points in four different ways and be the first to achieve five points. Quirkies is a fun logic game that can be played by the whole family and helps to enhance mental thinking skills.[2]

Inside the Box: 81 Quirkies Cards, 9 Boards Cards, 25 Tokens, and 1 Rulebook.

The Fox

Through play, foxes learn a variety of life skills. They are intelligent, bold, adaptable, and attractive animals. The vixen, a female fox, is noted for gently and methodically educating her cubs (also known as 'kits'). We named our firm FoxMind 20 years ago, inspired by these attributes, because we felt it perfectly reflected the core of what we wanted to be renowned for. [3]



Syntribos entered the cryptocurrency sector in 2013, armed with a plethora of experience from traditional risk and finance markets. Syntribos has established several major communities in the NFT domain that are still thriving. Syntribos was an early investor in a number of now-famous companies, including BAYC and Cool Cats.


Soulest is the in-house Marketing and Public Relations Coordinator, and she'll be hard at work delivering oddities to the public both within the Metaverse and across the fiat globe.

Soulest has created incredible events and activations for some of the world's most well-known cosmetic, style, and fashion brands.


FinchOne is a creative artist residing in the United Kingdom. Inspired by old school record covers and skateboard art as a child, he progressed through sketching, graffiti, sculpture, and painting to digital and web3 art and fashion.

Space Invader

Space Invader is a cryptocurrency early adopter and NFT aficionado. Space Invader is working as part of the Quirkies team to assure proven randomness and will add the generative aspect that will elevate Finch One's incredible art to the next level. [4]


Quacamole has been in the crypto realm for a while, but with NFTs, he has finally found his niche, combining creativity and coding in a novel way.


Q1-QuirkStep 1

Bring Quirkies into the metaverse and give them to individuals who are deserving of their Quirkie abilities. [5]

Q2-QuirkStep 2

The BIG ONE: The Quirkies Streetwear brand was born. The founders have roots in both surfing and skating and want to combine the two for a Quirkies Streetwear Collection!

Q3-QuirkStep 3

Begin to establish Quirksville in the larger metaverse, including a location for the members to showcase and share their creative side.

Q4-QuirkStep 4

Quirkies require companionship to avoid loneliness, but when will the photograph for this be taken? It could be a good idea to keep a Qurikie on hand just in case. [6]

Q5-QuirkStep 5

IRL Membership for Quirkies globally giving access to events, and exclusive experiences and products.[7]

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