R-PLANET (founded in 2020) is a revolutionary -staking system, which allows users to benefit from unused NFTs and have lots of fun. [1]

It is a project on the WAX blockchain that allows you to stake unused NFTs from various WAX projects and games and earn a token called AETHER with it. [2]


R-Planet is a fun -universe about crafting and using NFTs. It is an exciting new dApp that gives players the ability to stake their NFTs and receive passive income in the form of aether. It burst into the scene in February and has already become an extremely popular utility for NFT collectors. The sale of the R-Planet NFTs on Feb 12th was sold out in 2 and a half minutes.

The game is reminiscent of the browser game, Little Alchemy. In both games, the user combines basic elements in order to produce new ones. But R-Planet’s gameplay is different in many regards. The open blockchain has added a unique community aspect. Players from all over the world are collaborating and competing to be among the first to invent new elements and earn exclusive NFTs.

R-Planet Phases

The R-Planet NFT DeFi system will be a three-phase project, with each phase consisting of one or more games. All games will involve DeFi (Decentralized Finance),  (NFT), and FT assets, created within the R-Planet ecosystem.

Phase 1: Evacuation

So, let the story begin! The way is long. Captain Pig constructed a Generator, which creates new materials and things using aether. Combining those materials, players can get anything. Yet no one knows the recipes. The crew must do a lot of research and mixing to prepare for the colonization of Mars.

Stake NFTs, mine aether, buy basic materials, combine them to get something new, create NFTs and FTs of new materials, and mix again and again!

NFT DEFI Aether Mining

New Participating Projects


Evacuation Game Launch

Mining Tools Sale

Super Secret

FT Swap

Phase 2: Colonization

The spacecraft with the brave adventurers successfully landed on the R-Planet. The soil of the unknown land is rich with completely different elements with surprising characteristics. The chipped animals are eager to mine them…

Buy a plot of R-Planet land, build mines to extract R-planet primary elements, combine them in the generator, get new FTs and NFTs of materials with the higher-level characteristics.

R-Planet Land Sale

Buildings Construction

Mars Primary Elements Mining

Colonization Game Launch

Phase 3: Conquest

It turns out that the chipped animals are not alone on the R-Planet. Aliens from an unknown planet are mining on the other side of the R-Planet! They are hostile, jealously guard their territory, and do NOT want to share. War seems inevitable!

The chipped animals start constructing combat vehicles and robots to fight the foe. Will they make it?

Aside from alchemy this game has the construction of robots operated by characters, and battles with enemies.

Characters Sale

Robot Creating

Conquest Game Launch

In both space travel and war, however, nothing is certain. The R-Planet team reserves the right to refine and develop this Roadmap along the way.

The Evacuation will be launched on February 16 at 16 UTC

The Sale of the Basic Elements (which will create the initial Prize Fund) is scheduled for February, 12 16:00 UTC.


After a successful evacuation from Earth, the heroes aboard spacecraft "MARS SHIP" head to the red planet. To prepare the planet for colonization, they created a generator of elements. Now they must create as many items as possible. Explore, mix, invent! Every attempt brings us closer to salvation!

The four basic elements underlie everything: wind, earth, fire and water. By combining them in the Generator players can create something new.

When a player manages to generate a new item, he will receive:

  • A new element for further exploration.
  • A prize NFT to celebrate the discovery. (Available to the first 600 players who make this innovation.)


Aether is a space-filling substance or field that is thought to be necessary as a transmission medium for the propagation of electromagnetic or gravitational forces. Aether is an ingame currency of R-Planet used for buying basic elements.

There are four basic elements: water, air, earth, and fire. They are Simple Asset FTs. Use Aether to get the basic elements and mix them to create new ones.

Combining the basic elements allows players to guess recipes and get new materials or things, which can be used for new combinations in the future. If a player is the first one to invent a material, they will get an Inventor Prize. Also,the first 600 players, who will make it, will get a pack with  they will have created.

How it Works

NFT simply stands for a non-fungible token. It is a type of crypto asset that is designed to fulfill a specific propose and is differentiated from similar tokens. NFTs have experienced a huge boom lately as more people get into blockchain gaming and collecting digital art, however, not all NFTs can be used at the same time. R-Planet is that several characters have escaped from Earth on a rocket ship heading towards Mars. In order to colonize and explore the new planet, they will need various materials which they can create with their custom built generator. The generator is able to create new materials by inputting combinations of the four basic elements of wind, earth, fire, and water. Those basic materials can be purchased with Aether that the player earned by staking cards. This diagram from the website will be especially helpful in understanding the basic concept.

With R-Planet, players can stake unused NFTs from more than 15 (at time of writing) different ecosystems and begin passively earning the Aether cryptocurrency. Players that secure enough Aether can then use this Aether to purchase the basic elements which can then be mixed in the generator to hopefully create a new material for the explorers. If a player is successful in creating a new material, they receive rewards including a share of a prize fund, a new NFT, and have their name immortalized in the new NFT element.

R-Planet Element Generator

R-Planet is slowly showing more of its upcoming gameplay mechanics, as developer Wecan revealed the Element Generator on the project’s Twitter page. The Element Generator allows players to combine resources and create something new. At the center of R-Planet’s economy is the in-game currency AETHER, which users can obtain by staking assets.

At the moment R-Planet only offers a staking mechanism to earn AETHER, the in-game currency. By staking assets from other projects, including Tribal Books, Alien Worlds and Garbage Pail Kids, users earn AETHER. Each staked NFT is worth some of the in-game currency.

Currently players have accumulated 513 million AETHER. However, the maximum supply is way bigger at 10 trillion AETHER. This suggests that the in-game currency has a very long-term play in the Wax ecosystem.

However, R-Planet needs to become a whole lot more. We can has been promoting the project as an NFT DeFi game, which will launch later this year. Players will be able to use AETHER to create basic elements, these basic elements can then by combined in the R-Planet Element Generator to create a new primary element. However, the true purpose of R-planet is still a bit mysterious.

Inventor Prize

The very first player to open a new material will get an Inventor Prize:

0.002% of the R-Planet Prize Fund.

a pack with an NFT of the invented material, mint #1. (R-Planet packs will have mint #s).

the name of the Inventor will be immortalized by getting marked on subsequent packs with this material.

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