Rabbids NFT Collection is a -based Ubisoft Project . This product focuses on the popular Rabbids characters from the Rayman video game franchise. The Rabbids  are built on the Ethereum  through the ERC-721 Standard and were released on June 17, 2020. All proceeds from the sales are to be donated to UNICEF's  fund.[1]   

How It Works

The Rabbids Tokens transform with each new owner. First, a user selects a Rabbid token from one of five 'families'. Then a Rabbid is purchased using Ethereum, with all proceeds going towards the UNICEF cryptocurrency fund.[2] The Rabbid, once entering the buyer's wallet, transforms into a different Rabbid Token. [3]

The cycle continues with other enthusiasts 'stealing' your Rabbid by purchasing it, having the transform into a new being, and donations being made to UNICEF. 

Types of Rabbids

There are 11 possible types of Rabbids characters that can appear on one of five different backgrounds. If a Rabbid Token is stolen on a full moon, a surprise is in store for the purchaser, revealing a Zombie Rabbid. [4]

The cost of each Rabbid varies from 0.05 ETH to 0.15 ETH. Rabbids NFTs include these character designs:

  • Snake Rabbid
  • Duck Rabbid
  • Rhino Rabbid
  • Drake Rabbid
  • Panda Rabbid
  • Bee Rabbid
  • Mermaid Rabbid
  • Zombie Rabbid
  • Lion Rabbid


When a Rabbid is 'stolen', the original holder still keeps a POPO, which is a Proof of Plausible Ownership token, that remains in the user's wallet forever. This POPO resembles the likeness of the nabbed @Rabbid prior to it's transformation. [5]

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