Radar Relay

The Radar Relay is an open order book relayer on the 0x protocol.  Radar Relay was initially created in 2017 and then relaunched in 2020 supporting more liquidity sources, wallets, and a better user experience.


Radar Relay, headed by CEO Alain Curtis, was founded in 2017 and the Radar Relay Beta App launched soon after in August 2017. Notable team members include CTO Mike Roth, CCO Brandon Arthur Roth (CCO), and COO Devin Eldridge. [2]

The project raised $13 million in total after receiving $3 million in December 2017 during a seed funding round, and a further $10 million during a Series A funding round in August 2018. Investors and supporters of the project include renowned venture funds such as Blockchain Capital, Batship Crazy Ventures, Breyer Capital, Digital Currency Group, Kindred Ventures, Notation Capital, Sparkland Capital, and Reciprocal Ventures. [1]


Launched in 2017, Radar Relay initially operated as a decentralized exchange (DEX) platform that makes use of the 0x protocol to allow its users to trade Ethereum-based tokens directly from Web3 or compatible hardware wallets. The platform also acted as an order relayer, operated an order book, and relayed orders between users without holding their assets in custody. [3]

Having integrated the latest 0x upgrades (v3, Mesh, and 0x API bridge orders) in 2020, Radar Relay offers smart DEX routing, giving users access to liquidity from multiple sources. In addition to the 0x orders, bridge orders afford access to liquidity on Curve Finance, Kyber Network, Uniswap, and Oasis Network. Radar facilitates wallet-to-wallet trading with no sign-ups, no deposits or withdrawals, no accounts, and no trading limits. [4]

Radar Relay's interface is accessible through both mobile and desktop. Users can trade via Relay directly from their wallets, as the Radar team added support for wallets such as Trust Wallet, Opera Wallet,  Wallet, Dapper Wallet, and more. In total, Radar Relay supports 21 different software and hardware wallets.

In August 2020, Radar Relay launched its new feature - Simple Margin Trading. According to the company's roadmap for 2021, they also plan to add Lending, and Trade Execution Guarantees to their platform.


Margin Trading

In August 2020, the Radar Relay team launched Margin Trading on their platform, enabling traders to trade bigger positions with less capital and make bets on token prices. Margin trading enables this, powering leveraged positions that magnify returns and short positions that go up in value when the price of an asset goes down. At launch, Radar Relay supported ETH-DAI, ETH-USDC, and DAI-USDC trading pairs with up to 5x leverage, and short positions with up to 4x leverage with no minimum trade size.

Radar Relay margin trading combines the liquidity of multiple DEX protocols through 0xAPI with lending and margin capabilities powered by dYdX.


In November 2019, Radar Relay launched REDSHIFT, a payments tool that makes it possible to send and accept Lightning payments using Bitcoin or Ether with no accounts needed. Users can pay a Lightning invoice, businesses can accept Lightning payments and cash out on-chain, node operators can manage their capital, and developers can integrate cross-network payment capabilities into their own applications.

sETH, short Ethereum

sETH is a short position abstracted in an Ethereum token built on the dYdX protocol. On Radar Relay, you can trade short tokens directly from your wallet the same as any other ERC20 token on the platform.

This new token offering provides users the ability to diversify their portfolio while retaining custody of assets. All you need to buy sETH is an Ethereum Wallet and DAI token, currently Radar Relay supports Metamask, Ledger, and Trezor.

sETH can be found on Radar Relay today through the advanced trading toggle and traded against the DAI quote.


In 2018, Relay radar released Relay V2, which comes with a lot of new features for it means for you

Trezor integration

Trezor Hardware Wallet was now integrated to the relay platform. Users can now trade directly, wallet-to-wallet, from your MetaMask, Ledger, and Trezor wallet on Radar Relay.

Batch Cancel

Due to the updated smart contracts from 0x v2, users can batch cancel multiple open orders, bundling them together as one transaction, saving time and money.


On Monday January 6th 2020, The Relay Radar launched RELAY V3. This upgrade brings RELAY onto the latest version of 0x. the new update brought no visual changes to the application, however the update affects traders with open orders.

1. Remake orders on RELAY V3.

Open orders on 0x v2 will not be valid on 0x v3. Users had to re-create these orders on the new version of the app and continue to use the new version.

2. Cancel orders on RELAY V2.

If users don’t want their old, V2 orders to stay active after the transition or want to avoid duplicate orders, we recommend canceling your orders on the V2 application.

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Radar Relay


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