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Radio Caca is a Web 3.0 infrastructure solution provider, It's Decentralized autonomous organization governs the Universal Metaverse (USM). RACA is the native token for the Universal Metaverse. It is currently deployed on Ethereum, Solana, OKExChain, and Binance Smart Chain (BSC).[1]

Radio Caca is the exclusive manager of Maye Musk Mystery Box (MPB) NFT and it is also a Defi+ GameFi vehicle for The USM Metaverse.[2]  

In July 2021, Radio Caca released its first web 3.0 product, a collection of PFP (profile picture style NFTs ) for Maye Musk (Elon’s mother).[3] 


Radio Caca is a Decentralized organization operated by internet-native individuals all over the globe who share a single vision of building a brave new virtual world.[1]

In a Metaverse, Radio Caca unifies several current subjects such as DeFi, NFTs, and play-to-earn games. The Maye Musk Mystery Box (MPB) NFT and DeFi+GameFi vehicle for the USM Metaverse is managed by Radio Caca.[2] 

Radio Caca Launched the United States of Mars (or USM), a 3-D metaverse in 2021.[3]


RACA is the project’s native token, originally developed on the BEP-20 standard of the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network but now deployed on other chains like Ethereum, Solana and OKEx. This utility token is used to pay for products and services in the music and digital art space. Besides, RACA is also used to mine land, rare resources, and other NFTs in the USM Metaverse. Users can use RACA as a governance token in USM Metaverse.[1]

It has a Total Supply of 432,955,500,084.00 RACA Tokens.[2] 

The Universal Metaverse (USM)

The Universal Metaverse (USM) is a 3D Planet world where users can own lands, build stores and art galleries, create and play games. With a Google-Earth-like UX, users will be able to dynamically zoom in and out and travel around the 3D virtual planet.[3]

It comprises of many regions called "states". Each state is rich in its own characteristics, waiting to be explored, and it is comprised of many land parcels. Similar to planet Earth, land is the most important and valuable resource in the USM. Issued as Non-Fungible Token (NFT), land parcels can be owned, traded, and built upon.[1]  

The USM Chain:

The USM Chain is a layer 2 chain developed to create a high-performance metaverse, and Radio Caca offers decentralized finance (DeFi) and GameFi assistance.

Metamon Game (Metamon Island)

Metamon is a mini game that will later be integrated into the USM as a 3D game.Launched on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), As a player, users get to control and collect super adorable Metamon. Almost all in-game items, including Metamon, are NFTs. Players have complete ownership of these NFTs, and they can transfer, gift, or list them on any NFT marketplace. Fun, Cool, Adorable. [2]


The Radio Caca current team is composed of about 80 full-time employees and 300 part-time staff members. The core team resides in Silicon Valley, Singapore, and Europe.Game and blockchain teams have a total of 70 developers. 3D art and animation artists are the top talents in the industry.[3]

The global operations and marketing team, which is comprised of 10 full-time employees and 150 part-time community volunteers, are scattered across all over the world: Silicon Valley, Irvine, Mexico, Russia, Italy, Spain, Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, Turkey.[1]

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Radio Caca


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