Rainicorn (RAINI) is a deflationary Non-Fungible Token (NFT) farming token that allows its holders to mint limited edition NFTs and trading cards created by established and emerging artists. The Rainicorn's Rainiverse provides users with an intermesh of crypto utilities within NFTs such as Staking, gaming, Yield farming, and DeFi within NFTs; while creating exposure to the metaverse.[1]


Rainicorn is a unique multiplatform that has established itself as an ecosystem for innovation in the crossover between Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) and DeFi (Decentralized Finance), with a focus on gamification.[2]

Rainicorn has its system developed within the NFT revolution niche as a metaverse (Rainicorn), gamified platform (i.e P2E), NFTs stakes, and farms.[3]

Through leveraging staking and Liquidity provider rewards for its foundational $RAINI token, its holders gain access to a number of products and features.

The Rainicorn with its Rainiverse has its trading card game in progress, and the visualized fulfillment of NFT items will become a key part of the platform.[1]

Rainicorn (RAINI) aims to utilize the platform's revenue to offset all carbon emissions from Smart contract interactions with the Ethereum blockchain, and another component will be used to buy back and burn tokens, putting upward pressure on price.[2]

Rainicorn has expressed itself with unique features including exclusive NFT drops from well-known and highly talented emerging artists, NFT staking and Yield Farming, as well as a revolutionary NFT-upgrade protocol.[3]

The Rainicorn's Play to Earn game (Lords of Light) is also a big focus of the Raini platform and its initial genesis card drop.


Some of the Rainicorn features include-

Earn by Staking

Users can utilize their $RAINI token as a tool to unlocking multiple interconnected streams of value. Users can easily Stake (i.e provide liquidity), collect rewards, and redeem them with no additional required input.[1]


Rainiverse is the developed metaverse for the Rainicorn platform. It is an evolving ecosystem of key innovations, including an NFT farming platform with exciting DeFi features, play-to-earn gaming, and much much more.[2]

$RAINI Solution

$RAINI aims to become a decentralized protocol for NFT farming, which will include exclusive NFT drops, staking, deflationary burns, collectibles, carbon offsets, and charitable giving.[3]

Farming for NFTs

We will be launching two staking pools, Rainbow, where the holder can lock up $RAINI, and Unicorn, where Uniswap ETH/RAINI tokens can be staked.

The rewards for staking in these pools will be either in Rainbow or Unicorn points, depending on the pool, which can then be used to claim NFTs from our drops. Unicorns will be valued higher than Rainbows.[1]

Artist Lineup

As the Rainicorn team is well-connected in the NFT world, we intend to bring both well-established artists and emerging artists to its platform.

Physical Fulfilment

Rainicorn believes that art is meant to be enjoyed and as such aims to offer visual/physically seen ways of ensuring that the NFT Blockchain achieves its full potential as a great way of authenticating collectibles. Rainicorn aims to offer physical satisfaction of NFTs, with printed QR codes that link physical items to the corresponding token on the Ethereum blockchain.

Raini Projects

Rainicorn (RAINI) has the following as actively functioning projects or soon-to-be-launched projects:

The Raini Platform

  • A revolutionary farming platform where you can stake $RAINI, earn rainbows and unicorns, and spend them to redeem NFTs. Collect, upgrade, and stake them to earn.[1]

The Lords of Light

Lords of Light is an immersive play-to-earn trading card game that blends the fantasy realm with the cryptoverse. The RTLOL genesis drop begins September 19th.!

Raini Launchpad

A staging ground for launching tokens or NFT projects of all sizes. Comprehensive support from start to finish, helping any team or creator see their idea come to fruition.[2]

Raini Bridge

A flexible cross-chain bridge solution that bridges tokens between Ethereum & BSC. Applications are open for new bridging requests from token projects.

Raini Artists

The Rainicorn ecosystem has curated a lineup of incredible creatives who have shown amount of interest in innovative Raini NFT Toolkit, which will enable the creation of Evolving NFTs. Some of the Rainicorn's foremost artists include:


Jourdain Graffie, otherwise called Jawdane3D is a Senior 3D Artist working out of London. He makes dull dreamlands loaded up with his own exceptional band of characters and animals. Through his work he means to inspire sensations of secret, dread and stunningness while investigating expected mixes among saintly and satanic paradigms.[3]

Limbo Mask

Limbo Mask is an artist from Tijuana, Mexico, who spends significant time in the production of surrealist montages. Specifically, his work fuses innovation, nature, workmanship, theory, and governmental issues. Limbo has been displayed in Mexico City and has been included in Spain's RTVE organization.[1]

Benjamin Nazon

Benjamin Nazon is an idea craftsman and matte painter who has worked for JUL, Ubisoft,, HotWheels, Air France, and Hexis. He makes incredibly acknowledged universes, from stunning normal vistas to cyberpunk science fiction scenes, to dim dream domains.[2]


Rainicorn (RAINI) is the native token of the Rainiverse ecosystem initially built on the Ethereum blockchain and has its Binance smart chain version. $RAINI has a Total Supply of 1,000,000,000 RAINI tokens.[3]

Team Member

The co-founder of Rainicorn whose name goes by Mindsphere is a successful visionary and entrepreneur, who has previously founded and sold an IT Managed Services Provider to an Australian ASX-listed company, and over the last 4 years co-founded a fintech with Artkin that has become a leader in its field.[2]

With a strong passion for creative arts, Mindspheres maintains a single-minded laser-focus on building Raini into one of the top projects in the NFT space.


With over a decade of experience in financial services, Artkin is adept at bringing considered and systematic analysis to the various challenges and opportunities that are present in the NFT sector.[1]

Having similarly founded and sold a financial services business to a top ASX-listed company, Artkin brings a wealth of knowledge, connections, and experience to the Raini project.[3]

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