Refinable (launched in April 2021) is a  platform built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The project provides an affordable way for users to leverage, trade, discover, and create . Notably, it accommodates both individual and corporate users. The protocol supports three types of users: creators, traders, and collectors.

Refinable aims to remove the obstacles that most other NFT stores are currently facing, such as high minting costs and gas fees. By joining forces with Binance, which already has a large, established community and network capacity, they will enter the ecosystem with a powerful backup and have the support necessary to remove the barriers that stunt the growth of the NFT market.[1][2]    


Refineable is an NFT trading platform backed by Binance and the American YouTuber Mr. Beast. Mr. Beast is also an entrepreneur and philanthropist who shot to fame for pioneering the stunt video genre on his YouTube channel.

It is the first Polkastarter IDO to launch exclusively on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). As the first major NFT hub on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Refinable is the definitive platform to create, discover, trade, and leverage any digital content on the .[3] 

Through Refinable, creators will be able to easily tokenize their content and distribute them to end-users through a variety of mechanisms, such as auctions, gifts, and royalties. Users, on the other hand, will be able to find and invest in NFTs from a range of sources, and then further leverage their NFT portfolio to extract additional value from it through the broader DeFi (Decentralized Finance) landscape.

By addressing some of the major friction points for NFT creators and users, such as high fees, poor discoverability, and low flexibility, Refinable looks to leverage the untapped potential of NFT and bring them to an even larger audience.[4][5][6]   


Refinable makes it easy for NFT creators and users to easily interact through an intuitive decentralized platform where users can browse a diverse range of NFTs from their favorite artists, brands, and entertainers.

The platform is designed to allow creators to launch their own NFT line without any coding experience while also keeping fees and commissions to a bare minimum — helping to maximize uptake by both individual creators and larger industry partners.

Right now, Refinable is part-way through its development roadmap. The team behind the project plan to launch Refinable's NFT creation and trading features in Q2 2021, and expects to roll out social features, community drops, and governance features in the next quarter.

It will eventually bake in more advanced functionality, such as IP protection, commercial and non-commercial rights and customizable royalties - which may make NFTs more attractive to institutional users and brands. [7]


The project works by interfacing its different features. Below are the top features and how they fit into the project’s overall success.

Supports both ERC721 and ERC1155

Refinable is one of the few NFT platforms to support both of the main Ethereum Non-Fungible Token (NFT) standards, allowing creators to leverage their unique capabilities to produce ever-more functional and desirable NFTs — while reducing costs and improving DeFi composability.

Facilitating Trading

After creating or discovering the NFT of their dreams, the users can transact securely using the Refinable platform. In addition, traders will have access to a plethora of trading tools and a wide variety of options to maximize the trade and minimize headaches.

Built on Binance Smart Chain

Unlike the vast majority of NFT product suites that run on Ethereum, Refinable is built on Binance Smart Chain - a platform secured by a novel consensus mechanism known as proof-of-staked-authority (PoSA).

This makes it just as easy to interact with as Ethereum-based platforms while benefiting from drastically improved transaction fees and transaction confirmation times.

Low Service Fee

The protocol charges a transaction fee based on users’ status. For example, standard buyers pay a 2.5% fee while verified token holders incur a 1.5% charge.

NameStandard UsersVerified Token Holders
Buyers2.5%Up to 1.5%
Primary Sellers2.5%2%
Secondary Sellers2.5% + RoyaltiesUp to 1.5% + Royalties 

Enhanced Trading

The project enhances trading in a variety of ways. For example, it allows NFT creators and owners to choose their preferred transaction methods, automate royalties, and dictate the settlement currency. Note that the currency defines the supported Crypto when trading a non-fungible token. [8]

Refinable’s Native Token (FINE)

Like most Blockchain-powered platforms, Refinable features a native utility token, known as $FINE. The token is woven into the core of the Refinable ecosystem and provides holders with a variety of benefits, including increased distribution and royalty limits, access to exclusive sales, and listing upgrades. It can be used to settle fees on the Refinable marketplace and for governance purposes. The token will be used as both a utility and governance token. The token has governance powers allowing holders to vote or propose new features. However, the number of FINE tokens held determines a user’s voting strength   .

The platform conducted its final raise in April 2021 via a Polkastarter IDO and launched shortly after on PancakeSwap. The top exchanges for trading in Refinable are currently, PancakeSwap (V2), Decoin, and DODO. 

FINE Usage

Platform users will enjoy a sleuth of benefits from simply holding verified amounts of FINE tokens. These benefits will not be available to users without FINE tokens, who will be limited by the default restrictions.

  • Settle and fund transactions: Users can Fund and settle their trades using the native FINE token in lieu of BSC's own BNB token.
  • Priority listings and discovery: Listings from users with verified token holders will receive increased exposure and listing priority on our marketplace.
  • Increased minting limits and TX limits: Creators verified with FINE tokens will also have higher limits when issuing and distributing their content.
  • Discounted platform service fee: Verified token holders are also entitled to lower service fee when trading on the platform.
  • Early access to presales: Holding verified tokens will also enable early access to item presales, exclusive drops, and special listings from the community and the Refinable team.
  • Community moderation and voting: Verified token holders can also participate in the moderation panel and proposal voting for the Refinable platform by voting with FINE. The more FINE a user holds, the more voting power they will have.

Token Distribution

Users will be able to obtain FINE tokens during our Public Sale event, with the initial distribution following shortly after. Post token generation event(TGE), FINE tokens can also be acquired on the platform via various means.

Total Token Supply500M
Initial Market Cap899K
Private Sale Price$0.03/FINE
Public Sale Price$0.033/FINE

Community Mining

FINE tokens will be awarded to the highest contributing users on the platform every two weeks. Creators and traders that have contributed the most to the platform by volume will share an allotted amount of FINE tokens. There will be a fixed cap on how much FINE is awarded to each user per batch to ensure a wider distribution of tokens within the community.

Platform Incentives

Users will be able to earn bounties of FINE tokens by completing various activities on the platform such as profile completion, community engagement, user invites, and more.

Token Sale

The Token Sale distribution includes all tokens allocated for private and public sales. Tokens reserved for the initial offering will be released on a linear schedule for all private sale users with 25% unlocked on TGE, and 100% unlocked at token generation for our public sale users.

Total Private/Public Sale - $3,090,000

Private Sale Price - $0.030/FINE (25% Unlocked on TGE)

Public Sale Price $0.033/FINE (Fully Unlocked)

Total Token Supply - 500,000,000

Community Mining

The Community Mining allocation will be reserved for awarding the top contributing users on the platform, by volume. These awards will be distributed at a fixed time interval from a general token pool. Additional rewards may be given to seasonal campaigns. Tokens reserved for community mining will be released into the pool on a decreasing percentage scale to incentivize early users and reward our seed community.

Liquidity Fund

The Liquidity Fund allocation is specifically reserved for fulfilling the needs of future platform integrations including providing liquidity and other bounties.


The Team allocation is reserved as compensation for current and future Refinable team members including advisors and partners. All Team tokens are subject to lockups and vesting periods starting one year after TGE.

Treasury Fund

The Treasury Fund will be allocated to fund all platform and ecosystem development activities such as feature developments, marketing bounties, cross-application integrations, affiliate incentives, and much more. Treasury Fund tokens are subject to vesting periods beginning after TGE.


The Reserve allocation will function as an emergency token pool and will not be released via any set schedule but only upon approval from FINE stakeholders.



  • Testnet Launch
  • Smart Contracts (ERC721, ERC1155)
  • Wallet Integrations
  • Token Sale


  • Public Security Audit
  • Mainnet Launch
  • Token Generation Event
  • Community Mining
  • Creation & Trade Features
  • Token Staking


  • Flexible Royalties
  • Governance Portal
  • Additional Trade Currencies
  • Public Profile Verification
  • Social Features


  • Community Moderation
  • Metaverse Integrations
  • Social Channels
  • Donations
  • Mobile Support
  • Collections 


Refinable marketplace is the first-ever Polkastarter IDO to be launched exclusively on BSC. Binance reports that "Polkastarter is a Decentralized protocol built for cross-chain token pools and auctions, enabling projects to raise capital" in their blog.

It has a team with extensive experience in different industries which backs the Refinable protocol. For instance, Nicholas Chan has over six years’ expertise managing operations for SMEs and corporates in the e-commerce, media, and hospitality space.

Maxim Geerinck, another team member, has more than nine years of experience as a software engineer. Before joining Refinable, he worked with Ernst & Young and other firms in the digital currency industry.

Other notable forces behind the NFT project include Jonas Snellinckx, a full-stack software guru, Nick Au, a former tax expert with KPMG, and Albert Chang, a reputable Blockchain engineer and the winner of EOS Global Hackathon in 2018.

Its major investors include popular YouTuber Mr. Beast with over 55 million YouTube subscribers and Binance.  [9][10]

Nick ChanCo-Founder
Maxim GeerinckCo-Founder
Jonas SnellinckxDevelopment
Adam LeeDevelopment
Tom PloemDevelopment
Michael LodzikDevelopment
Kristof SaelenDesign
Nicholas AuOperation
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