Sami Tannir

Sami Tannir is a Co-founder of - a product suite of  designed to provide on-chain liquidity, governance, and cash flow for  protocols. [1]


Sami Tannir attended George Brown College and earned a certificate in Blockchain Development in 2020. He was also a student at York University where he studied for a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Management and graduated in 2021. [2]


Sami was a Blockchain Analyst at Conflux Network from March 2020 to June 2021. Afterward, he worked at Messari as a Research Hub Analyst before co-founding .


was launched in December 2021. In an interview with , Sami Tannir mentioned that he met someone in Lisbon, Portugal, back in November of the previous year, who shared the early vision of Redacted with him. This encounter sparked his interest in the project, as he saw it as a truly DeFi endeavor addressing a need in the space. [3]

Sami explained that the project commenced with the development of the protocol itself, deemed relatively straightforward. Initially, the team launched the project amidst intense activity to secure resources, team members, and funding. This phase involved introducing the Butterfly token, allowing users to contribute strategic assets. Upon achieving satisfaction with token distribution and financial stability, the team transitioned to V2, implementing changes to tokenomics and unveiling two flagship applications. [3][6]

One of these is Hidden Hand, a widely recognized voting incentive platform that adds value to tokens by providing liquidity and influence. Integrated with platforms like , , and , Hidden Hand continues to expand its integration with various protocols. Additionally, Pirex was introduced as a simplified solution combining elements of yield farming and auto-compounding mechanisms, offering users an efficient approach to asset management. In December 2023, Dinero was launched, an overcollateralized  backed by premium blockspace. [4]

On what success looks like for Butterfly (), Sami responded:

"Our ultimate aim is to become a backend liquidity engine. It's analogous to integrating Chainlink into smart contracts or adopting OpenZeppelin standards. Just as developers currently utilize tools like Truffle and Ganache to launch applications, we envision our platform being seamlessly integrated into the process. By the end of next year, our goal is to offer a comprehensive suite of immutable smart contract tools. We want developers to rely on our platform when constructing governance architectures and implementing token distribution standards." [5]

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Sami Tannir

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