SharkDAO (founded August 9, 2021) is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization, a group of people, working together and pooling their resources in order to acquire Nouns, a recently launched series of Non-Fungible Token (NFT).


SharkDAO started as a group of Internet users interested in pooling together resources to acquire Nouns, a novel experiment in generative, code-driven art. Since it was started on August 9, 2021, they have acquired 5 nouns, brought together over 400 Sharks, and raised almost 1000 ETH.

Shark DAO came together over the course of a day on the chat app Discord, led by members Jango, Kenny, Goldy, and DeFi Jesus. They all wanted to buy a Noun NFT but they couldn’t afford it. (Shark DAO got two bids in before whales outpriced them, bidding the first Noun all the way up to 613.37 ETH.) But, one day later, Shark DAO won the auction for Noun #2 at 69.69 ETH.

The aim of their organization is to evolve the Web3 ecosystem by building a community that collects Nouns, helping steer and grow the NounsDAO ecosystem, and partnering with artists, developers, and DAOs to create new blockchain experiences.

Nouns were created under the umbrella of CC0 — a Creative Commons license that removes any creative limitations on these pieces of cryptographic art thereby giving anyone creative freedom to use the Nouns as they like.


SHARK is the governance token of the DAO, enabling users to vote and steer the mission and how resources are deployed.

They are using a Gnosis Safe wallet that contains a Juicebox NFT. Funds will move between Juicebox and the wallet. Transactions must be signed by 3 of 6 members, elected by the DAO:, @defi jesus, @xaix.eth, @Lithium, @jango, and @dropnerd.

The SharkDAO volunteers are working hard and putting their reputation on the line, it can't also be promised that everything will go smoothly. Here are some very bad things that could happen:

  • 3 of the multi-sig signers could theoretically run off with the wallet, or lose their keys at the same time.

  • There could be a bug in the smart contract code that a hacker exploits.

  • NFTs could crash, never to recover.

  • The Noun project could crash, never to recover.

Shark DAO’s tokens, their liquidity, are unlocked for a window each day ahead of the Nouns auction for that day. Users can exchange their SHARK for ETH, minus the 5% fee charged by JuiceBox, at any time during the window.

Juicebox is a decentralized platform for community funding. The people building and maintaining the platform collect 5% of the funds put towards a project — which are then reimbursed to those projects in the form of JBX tokens.


The SharkDAO Currently owns 5 Nouns NFT which includes the Pineapple (Noun #2), the Chainsaw (Noun #5), the Pill (Noun #15), the Frog (Noun #33), and the Shark (Noun #47).[1]

Noun #2

SharkDAO bought the Noun #2 NFT for 69.69 ETH.

Noun #5

This NFT was bought at a bidding price of 50 ETH.

Noun #33

SharkDAO bought Noun #33 for 199.69 ETH.

Noun #47

Noun #47 is the newly added shark-headed Noun to the collection, it was bought after so much bidding at a whooping 269.69 ETH.[2]



  • defi jesus

  • xaix.eth

  • Lithium

  • jango

  • dropnerd


SharkDAO x CryptoTeddies

SharkDAO officially collaborated with CryptoTeddies to release their own NFT called CryptoTeddies #045 - TeddyShark. The NFT is a Teddy wearing his NOUN-outfit, a shark costume.

The partnership was done with Blitmap pixel artist @numo_0, whereby 100 shark teddies were available, and the NFT collab sold out quickly. There was a reservation list - 90 for SharkDAO members and 10 for the public. The creator Numo said in an interview:

"The SharkDAO community is really awesome and a lot of people were excited about the collaboration and made a reservation".[3]

SharkDAO x SushiSwap

The SharkDAO team launched their SushiSwap pool on August 16, 2021.[4][5]

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