Shinsekai is a manga  collection of 10,000 Unique Manga-Inspired 3D NFTs. They have their own Manga which is currently in production and aim to bring it from the pages to the Metaverse.

Shinsekai's NFT collection will be released on April 7th, 2022.


Shinsekai is a manga  collection of 10,000 Unique Manga-Inspired 3D NFTs. Each trait was meticulously designed by Kashama, a renowned 3D artist.

With 7 Kins, and close to 320 unique traits, each kin NFT will have a unique combination of attributes. Their rarity level is connected to their respective worlds and all will be hosted on the ethereum blockchain. The 7 kins include humans, vampires, ketos, utsuro-bunes, seraphim, demons and shins. Shinsekai is the largest web 3.0 Manga & Anime community.[1]


Their roadmap consists of creating their own manga which is already in production. A few lucky NFT characters will be featured in the manga itself and every panel is to be hand-drawn. This signifies the bridge to link the old worlds to the new. Additionally, they are working on their own tokenomics so you can stake your shinsekai NFT and yield $SHIN tokens to shop at their online store for hoodies, toys, kimonos, katanas and much more. Shinsekai will eventually establish their own DAO where holders can vote and submit suggestions. In the future, Shinsekai plans to participate in manga conventions like Comiket Japan, Paris Manga, Anime Expo and LA Comic Con. Shinsekai believes in a new kind of collectible avatars and the evolution manga & anime. [1]


  • Mr. D: Co-founder & Marketer
  • Kashama: Co-founder & Designer
  • Julian: Serial Entrepreneur
  • Blue Sky: Co-founder & Project Manager
  • Buu: Co-founder & Creative Director
  • Jstorm: NFT Expert
  • Thomas:Strategy Advisor
  • Jo: Logistics
  • Tac: Community Manager
  • Neocorx: Discord Advisor
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