Stabilize (STBZ) is a cryptocurrency token issued by the Stabilize Protocol. Stabilize Protocol is described as a decentralized system that promotes the stability of major cryptocurrency stablecoins[1].


Stablecoins are cryptocurrencies, designed to be pegged to or float near fiat currencies. This gives traders and savers comfort knowing the value of these coins in the real world will be the same tomorrow as it is today. This is the goal of stablecoins which sometimes might not be the reality. In reality, stablecoins sometimes go off their peg for an extended period of time due to fluctuations in demand and supply issues, which can result in discomfort for crypto users who depends on its stability for everyday usage[2].

The Stabilize protocol is designed to rewards depositors of stablecoins with its native token STBZ token. The yield of each stablecoin pool will change according to the stablecoin price of that pool. Depositors are encouraged to switch pools to earn higher yield and also help balance the prices of all stablecoins in the protocol. The Stabilize protocol will have four stablecoin pools on its platform, which includes, DAI, USDC, USDT, sUSD.


Stabilize (STBZ) is a cryptocurrency token issued to operate within the Stabilize protocol. It is purposed to be a governance token that will be used for decisions within the Stabilize protocol. The token's ticker is denoted as STBZ and it has a total supply of 240,625 STBZ. Currently, the most active market trading STBZ is Uniswap (v2)[3].

STBZ holders can develop a system that rewards token holders for providing liquidity to new stablecoin projects, hence helping to further promote the usage of stablecoins.

Token Usage

The STBZ token is given to depositors utilizing the Stabilize Protocol. It is a governance token that will eventually be used to power the protocol. STBZ holders will be able to create and vote on proposals that can be implemented into the protocol. STBZ token will come also with actions such as adding or removing new pools, cutting the long term inflation rate and burning tokens. Further possibilities include creating vaults, pools, and mixers that can yield income for STBZ holders[4].


Stabilize is currently an unaudited protocol, and its token STBZ has a zero real-world value. The platform, strongly advises that users should not deposit at the moment into the contracts more than what they are willing to lose and enjoys users to do their own research by evaluating the smart contracts before use

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